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    Stamford Evading Responsibility Prosecution

    If a person is injured and they caused the injury but failed to contact law enforcement, they can be charged with evading responsibility. The more severe the injury, the more likely the prosecutors will want to prosecute the case; the more severe the injury, the more likely jail is going to be involved. Stamford evading responsibility prosecution is no joke. A person should not meet with the prosecutor without legal representation. If the prosecutor makes an offer to the person before they have an attorney, there could be no turning back from that offer. Legal representation could bring a better offer. If you have been charged with evading responsibility, speak with a qualified evading responsibility attorney that could advocate for you.

    A Prosecutor’s Main Concerns

    Some of the Stamford evading responsibility prosecution’s main concerns revolve around damages. For example, the attorney might want to know if the damages are being paid for by insurance and if the defendant does not have insurance, they would have to pay the cost of the damages. A prosecutor might also wonder if there are any injuries and how bad those injuries are. One of the other major elements of when prosecuting an evading responsibility charge is finding out if there was drinking involved. Many people leave the scene of an accident when they are drinking and the prosecutor always want to make sure that victims of these accidents have been compensated. In their eyes, the alleged victim obviously did not do anything wrong.

    Why Does a Person’s Reason for Abandoning a Scene Matter?

    A person’s motivation for leaving the scene can play a major role in an evading responsibility case. If the person left because they were drunk, they are going to be treated much more harshly than if they left because they were afraid. The common implication of leaving the scene without exchanging contact information or telling the police is that a person was drunk or under the influence of drugs, or might have had something in their car that they did not want the police to find. The common implication is never a good one.

    Alternatives to Incarceration

    If a person accused of evading responsibility in Stamford pleads guilty to evading responsibility, the restitution has been paid, and there are no serious injuries (or if there were injuries, they are healed and the alleged victim supports that type of end to the case), the person may receive probation instead of jail time.

    Typically, the person is granted the Accelerated Rehabilitation Program (“AR”), and then the judge will add community service as part of their conditions. If those are completed along with the rest of the program, the charge will be dismissed.

    Benefit of a Stamford Evading Responsibility Attorney

    Due to how vigilant the Stamford evading responsibility prosecution can be, it is important for an individual to retain the services of an experienced legal advocate. It is important for the defense to establish that a person was intoxicated at the time of the incident because it takes the idea of a DUI off the table. If a person who left the scene of the accident for a legal reason, then the case would be treated with much more mercy. An experienced hit and run lawyer could help alleviate the prosecution concerns by having you evaluated for any drug and alcohol issues, and the evaluation could help clear you or help you get the treatment you need, if necessary. Work with a capable attorney that could work towards a positive outcome for you.