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    Weston Domestic Violence False Accusations

    Law enforcement authorities and court officials across Connecticut have begun taking domestic violence accusations much more seriously over the past several years. While this is generally a good thing, it can sometimes lead to them being overly harsh on people who have been baselessly accused of domestic violence by someone they were never criminally violent towards. Effectively addressing false accusations of domestic violence in Weston is an immensely sensitive and complicated endeavor, but there is help available from our experienced defense attorneys who know exactly what to do in unfortunate situations like this.

    Why Do People Make False Domestic Violence Allegations?

    While this does not happen with every separating couple by any means, false accusations of domestic violence are especially common during active divorce proceedings. Divorce can be contentious and emotionally exhausting, even under the best circumstances. If there is substantial animosity between the parties involved, it is not unheard of for one to attempt to slander the other to gain more favorable terms in the divorce order.

    Similarly, allegations of this nature may stem from jealousy of a new intimate partner or spouse, a desire for a greater share of child custody rights, or a host of other reasons. That said, it is generally not important for people falsely accused of domestic violence to determine the other party’s motivations ­­– it is much more crucial for them to focus on establishing their innocence with assistance from seasoned legal representation.

    Contesting False Family Violence Accusations

    “Family violence” is not a discrete criminal offense under the Connecticut Penal Code. Rather, it is a designation that law enforcement can apply to various criminal charges. As such, contesting false family violence accusations in Weston works primarily the same way as challenging any other type of unfounded criminal allegation. This means the priority of a defendant accused of family violence should ideally be proving that the alleged offense did not occur at all by demonstrating they were somewhere else when the crime allegedly happened or by presenting witnesses who saw the alleged incident occur.

    In some cases, it may be prudent to show that an allegedly unwarranted act of family violence was actually an act of self-defense against violent or aggressive behavior by the person making the accusation. Still, other cases may be best handled by establishing that the defendant’s action did not fulfill all the criteria necessary to qualify as a legally actionable criminal offense.

    Above all, it is vital for people facing false accusations of this nature to remain as calm, collected, and cooperative as possible. These types of cases often turn in favor of one party or the other based significantly on subjective interpretations of unclear events. The way a falsely-accused defendant presents themselves compared to their accuser can significantly impact the ultimate outcome of their case.

    Call a Weston Attorney for Help With a Domestic Violence False Accusation

    Being falsely accused of any criminal act is a devastating and frustrating experience, especially if the crime you stand falsely accused of is violence against a family or household member. However, it is important to remember your rights and legal options in scenarios such as this and to be diligent about enforcing them in pursuit of a fair resolution to your criminal case. Call Mark Sherman Law today for help handling Weston Domestic Violence false accusations, and click here to visit our Avvo profile to read our reviews from past clients.