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    Weston Domestic Violence Investigations

    Any allegation that you engaged in violent, aggressive, or otherwise unlawful conduct against a family or household member could trigger an investigation into you, your family, and your life at home from more than one government agency. When you need help handling a Weston Domestic Violence investigation proactively and effectively, speaking with a qualified defense attorney should be among your top priorities.

    What Do Criminal Domestic Violence Investigators Look For?

    With relatively few exceptions, there is not a great deal of forensic evidence involved in Connecticut domestic violence cases. It is generally clear who was present for an alleged offense, so there is little need for things like DNA testing or other methods to establish someone being at the scene of the alleged crime. Instead, the focus of most domestic violence investigations in Weston is determining exactly what happened between the parties involved, who instigated the incident, and what the likelihood is of further violence occurring in the future.

    With this in mind, the centerpiece of most investigations will be multiple rounds of interviews. Interviews can involve the person accused of family violence, the person or people they allegedly harmed through their violent conduct, and other third parties who may have witnessed the incident or who can provide testimony regarding each involved party’s character and personal history with each other. In addition to establishing how each person views the events, investigators will also review each interview for inconsistencies that may indicate one person is being dishonest.

    Depending on the circumstances, investigators may also take photos of injuries and/or the scene where the incident allegedly occurred and apply for a warrant to obtain private emails and text messages between the involved parties. A knowledgeable defense attorney can represent a defendant targeted through such an investigation, ensure their rights are not violated while it is ongoing, and make sure investigators comply with all state and federal laws regarding evidence collection and preservation.

    DCF Investigations After Domestic Violence Arrests

    If there is any suspicion that someone committed family violence against their own minor child or placed their minor child at risk of physical and/or psychological harm by committing family violence against someone else in their presence, the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (“DCF”) may open an investigation of its own into the matter. This investigation would proceed separately from any related criminal investigation and may continue even if no criminal charges are brought against the person.

    DCF investigations in Connecticut typically last 45 days at most and may involve surprise home inspections, interviews with all household members, and consultations with child welfare specialists and psychologists. If the DCF “substantiates” allegations that serious child abuse or neglect occurred, the agency can recommend that a family court impose sanctions against the investigated person, including loss of custody or visitation rights.

    Contact a Weston Attorney for Help During a Domestic Violence Investigation

    Investigations into allegations of domestic violence can be invasive and disruptive to your personal and professional life. Guidance from a knowledgeable attorney from Mark Sherman Law can make a world of difference in how Weston domestic violence investigations turn out for you. Contact our office to learn more, and click here to read what some of our past clients have to say about us.