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    The FBI Just Searched my House in Connecticut…Now What?

    • Connecticut FBI agents executing a search warrant typically show up without warning.
    • Federal agents may take your phone, computer, and other electronics.
    • Anything you say to any law enforcement agent can be used against you during the search.
    • CT police and FBI agents searching for child pornography don’t have to give you Miranda rights before asking you questions.

    What if Connecticut FBI Agents Show Up at My Door?

    If they don’t have a warrant, you don’t have to let them in. Stay calm and don’t speak to them without your criminal defense attorney present.  Even if you don’t think you did anything wrong, it’s never a good idea to talk to FBI agents with a search warrant without an attorney, especially federal agents who are trained in reading people and can use your words against you.

    What if Connecticut FBI Agents Have a Warrant to Search my House?

    You will have to let them in. But don’t say anything to them. If they have a warrant, they probably suspect you of being involved in a crime, or having evidence of a crime in your possession.  If the FBI shows up with a warrant, you still are under no obligation to speak to them.  However, you need to let them conduct the search that’s outlined in the warrant.  If you interfere with or try to prevent them from searching when they have a warrant, you can be arrested for obstructing of justice or similar crimes.

    Why Would the FBI Come to Your House?

    Connecticut FBI agents have the jurisdiction to investigate and make arrests for hundreds of federal crimes, including drug and human trafficking, child pornography possession, terrorism, money laundering, organized crime or conspiracy, and others.  If the FBI has a suspicion that you were involved in or are witness to a crime, then they might show up to speak to you or send you a target letter, which you can read more about in this post.

    What does a Search and Seizure Warrant Allow the FBI to Do?

    Once the FBI has its search warrant, federal agents will be able to show up at your home – unannounced – and keep you and your family out of the way while they go through your property and seize any potential evidence of any potential federal crime.

    If the FBI Searches my Home, Will I be Arrested?

    Possibly – it depends on what they find, whether you were allegedly involved in a federal crime, and whether there is additional evidence against you.  In some cases, the FBI may want you to meet with them and give more information or testify in front of a grand jury. No matter what, once the FBI or other federal agents show up at your door, you should immediately call an experienced federal criminal attorney to represent you, protect your rights, and communicate with the FBI on your behalf.

    Call a Top Connecticut Federal Defense Lawyer Today

    If you’re contacted by the FBI in any way, or if federal agents came to your door with or without a warrant, don’t make the mistake of speaking to anyone without an experienced attorney present.  Get in touch with a team of attorneys experienced in advocating for its clients at every phase of federal investigation.  You can check out hundreds of reviews from past clients here.  Then give us a call at (203) 358-4700.