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    What Do I Do If I Receive a Target Letter from the Connecticut US Attorney?

    • If you’re being investigated by Connecticut federal prosecutors, you may receive what’s called a “target letter.”
    • A target letter may ask you to testify during grand jury proceedings.
    • Anything said to Connecticut FBI agents can be used against you.

    What is a US Attorney Target Letter in Connecticut?

    While the exact wording of a federal target letter may vary, it will be on official Department of Justice letterhead and be signed by a Connecticut Assistant United States Attorney.  These are federal, not state, prosecutors, and usually the case is serious. The letter will say that you are under investigation in connection with a federal crime.  It may ask you to contact the US Attorney or it may invite you to testify at a grand jury in New Haven, Hartford, or Bridgeport.

    Why Does the Connecticut Target Letter Mention the FBI or USPS?

    As the best Connecticut federal court defense lawyers can explain, the Department of Justice has vast resources to investigate and prosecute federal offenses.  Experienced federal criminal attorneys often see the United States Attorney’s Office work with the Federal Bureau of Identification (FBI), United State Postal Services (USPS) Inspectors, Internal Revenue Service (IRS), or Office of the Inspector General, among others.

    Should I Call the US Attorney if I Receive a Letter? 

    Not before getting an attorney.  Even if you did nothing wrong – let a top CT criminal defense attorney handle any communication with the federal authorities.  Experienced defense attorneys cannot stress this enough:  Getting an attorney doesn’t make you look guilty.  The federal government already knows about you and your life, so it’s always a better idea to let your attorney handle communication for you.

    How Can a Connecticut Defense Attorney Help if I Receive a Target Letter?

    You have the right to an attorney from the very beginning.  The attorney can call the Assistant United States Attorney, along with any other federal investigator for more information.  While they likely will not disclose all details of the investigation, your attorney can get enough of an idea of what’s going on to be able to prepare you.

    Will I Meet With the Assistant United States Attorney?

    Possibly.  Your federal criminal attorney should get a full download of everything that happened from you. Remember, everything you tell your attorney is protected by the attorney-client privilege, so you should be forthcoming and disclose everything.  Your attorney will be able to explain that – even if you didn’t commit a crime by yourself, or lead others in the commission of a crime, you can also be targeted for your involvement in a conspiracy, which is broad and exposes you to the same liability as if you committed a crime by yourself.

    Can I Have a Lawyer during Grand Jury Testimony in Connecticut?

    Technically, yes.  Your lawyer can prepare you for your testimony after speaking with the Assistant United States Attorney.  Grand jury proceedings are secret, though, and not even the judge is allowed in the courtroom.  Only the witness, grand jury members, and federal prosecutors are allowed.  However, you can and should have your attorney right outside the door and can take as many breaks as you need to go outside and confer with them before answering each question.

    Call an Experienced Federal Defense Attorney Today

    If you received a target letter from the US Attorney or any federal law enforcement agency, call an experienced federal lawyer right away.  You can see reviews from our past clients here.  Then, call us at (203) 358-4700.