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    Hiring a Top Connecticut Fake ID Criminal Lawyer

    Fake IDs may be common on college campuses, but that does not make them legal possess in Connecticut. Even if you do not attempt to use a fake ID at a bar or club, the mere possession of a piece of fake identification can get you arrested in Connecticut for Forgery Second Degree.

    Ask any of the best Connecticut Fake ID criminal defense attorneys, Connecticut lawmakers and police are under pressure to curb underage drinking. They see Fake IDs as a gateway to illegal and dangerous activity. So, if you have been arrested in for having a Fake ID / Forgery, then contact any of the top Connecticut Fake ID lawyers.

    Classifying the Severity of a Fake ID in Connecticut

    In the State of Connecticut, offenses involving possession of a fake ID are prosecuted under the statutes governing forgery crimes. Specifically, CGS § 53a-139 of the Connecticut criminal code prohibits individuals from creating, altering, issuing or possessing an instrument which is intended to be taken as an official government document but they know to be a forgery.

    As the best Connecticut criminal law firms understand, this crime is called forgery in the second degree. The statute also covers offenses such as forging a doctor’s prescription for medication.

    Penalties for Fake ID Arrests in Connecticut

    Second degree forgery Fake ID arrests at UConn, Yale, or anywhere in Connecticut under CGS 53a-139 are classified as Class D felonies. These crimes are punishable by a up to 5 years in jail, and a max $5000 fine.

    Unfortunately, those with felony offenses also suffer additional consequences including loss of government rights and the social and professional stigma of a felony criminal record.  Additionally, a felony Fake ID arrest in Connecticut will usually be published on the internet, including your arrest report, name, address and mug shot.

    Determining Whether the Police Performed an Illegal Search

    College students at UConn, Yale, Fairfield University, and Quinnipiac who may not be fully aware of their rights can be taken advantage of by campus or city police.  Especially when it comes to knowing their rights to say no to search and seizure of property.

    In certain situations, it is reasonable for individuals to have an expectation of privacy. Police do not always have the right to search through belongings such as wallets, car glove compartments, backpacks, and other property. That is why if police seize a fake ID during an illegal search, then it may be possible to suppress the evidence or have charges dismissed.

    Ask a Connecticut Fake ID Lawyer

    It seems difficult to believe that simply possessing a fake ID in Connecticut is a major criminal offense on par with burglary or assault, but the Connecticut laws on the subject are clear. To protect the integrity of identifying documents, Connecticut laws provide stiff penalties for those in possession of a fake ID.

    As a college or high student (or parent of one), you need to know there are defenses you can raise to fight Connecticut fake ID charges. You must act quickly to preserve your legal rights. If you are facing fake ID or forgery charges in Connecticut, then contact a Connecticut fake ID forgery attorney as soon as possible.

    An attorney can provide advice about how to avoid mistakes that could jeopardize your record and reputation and can advocate on your behalf throughout all of the court proceedings to help you reach the best possible result.