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    Trinity College Fake ID Lawyer

    Connecticut college and university police are enforcing the prevention of underage alcohol consumption with increased diligence.  In the past, if a student from Trinity College in Hartford was caught with a Fake ID by Hartford or campus police, they might just confiscate and destroy the Fake ID and give the student a break.

    Now, however, being caught with a Fake ID in Connecticut now carries with it more serious consequences, and, at times, is a felony. If a Trinity College student is a minor caught in possession of a Fake ID, it may be in their best interest to contact an experienced Trinity College Fake ID lawyer to procure their advice or advocacy.

    Is a Trinity College Fake ID Arrest a Felony?

    Getting arrested for possessing a Fake ID at Trinity College can be a felony, in violation of Connecticut’s forgery laws, set forth in C.G.S. § 53a-139. It is important to note that a minor need not attempt to use their Fake ID to procure alcohol or to enter a 21 and over bar or nightclub, to get arrested for forgery.

    For example, if police pull over a Trinity College student for running a red light, and they ask the student to present their ID, and they unwittingly present a Fake ID, they can face felony charges.

    As the best Trinity College criminal lawyers in Hartford know, felonies are very serious, as the increasing ease of simple internet background checks can seriously impede a Trinity College student’s post-college career and job prospects.

    Potential Penalties for Using a Fake ID at Trinity College

    Under Section 30-88a of Connecticut’s liquor laws, being caught with a Fake ID, or using someone else’s ID can result in up to 30 days in jail, and/or a maximum $500 fine. Under Section 30-89 of Connecticut’s liquor laws, being caught with a Fake ID can result in a 150-day driving license suspension.

    Most severely, however, as detailed in C.G.S. § 53a-139, a felony Fake ID Crime, which includes altering a government-issued identification document with the intent to deceive another party, a guilty party may be subject to a maximum prison sentence of up to five years, along with up to $5,000 in fines.

    Fighting Trinity College Fake ID Charges

    Fortunately for Trinity College students caught with Fake IDs, there are defense strategies to get your charges dismissed. For example, you can challenge whether an officer properly procured or examined a Fake ID, or whether the officer violated your constitutional right to search and seizure.

    A top Trinity College student, who perhaps has exhibited a strong presence on campus or exhibits a particularly strong academic record, may be subject to leniency from the judge or even the prosecutor. Perhaps simplest of all, for those Trinity College students with no prior record, a Trinity College Fake ID Lawyer may be able to convince the judge to dismiss the felony, or even persuade the state’s attorney to drop the charge.

    Contact a Top Trinity College Fake ID Attorney

    Even though using a fake ID may not seem serious, it’s felony classification can turn your educational and job prospects upside down. Additionally, as with any Trinity College campus arrest, the school may conduct and independent investigation that could result in expulsion.

    Whether a party believes their possession of a Fake ID in the eyes of the Connecticut justice system is definite, any of the best Trinity College Fake ID lawyers may be able to mitigate any potential consequences. To better understand your options, and to explore how a Trinity College Fake ID lawyer can help you pursue those options, contact a lawyer today.