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    Impact of a Connecticut Student Fake ID Forgery Off-Campus Arrest

    Possession of a fake ID is a more serious crime than people imagine it to be. There can be a variety of consequences for students who are caught using fake IDs. If an individual wants to know more about the impact of a Connecticut student fake ID forgery off-campus arrest on their child’s status as a student, they should consult a seasoned fake ID attorney that could help.

    If Someone is Arrested Off-Campus Will the School Find Out?

    The impact of a Connecticut student fake ID forgery off-campus arrest is wide-reaching. When a student is arrested in an off-campus fake ID charge, in many cases, their school will find out, especially in Connecticut. Universities such as UConn, Yale, and others have their own police force so it is automatic that they find out even if it is off-campus, just because they monitor the local police activities.

    The charges can affect the student’s status. Their status could change from a student in good standing to a student on probation. In severe cases, a student faces expulsion or suspension from the university. The most common consequence is probation.

    Can Someone Face School Penalties and Criminal Charges At the Same Time?

    A student faces both the criminal charges and the school penalties at the same time which makes it especially challenging for a student who gets arrested for fake ID. Unfortunately, the court often does not care if the student is being punished by the university. Likewise, the university does not care if the student is being punished in the criminal court. The student must do both do what is required to get the best possible resolution of their case even if they face both of those penalties simultaneously.

    Schools may look at the distinctions between misdemeanor and felony charges differently. With a fake ID, the conduct is same. The schools consider the fact that a student is charged with a misdemeanor as opposed to a felony. If the court is not prosecuting the offense as a felony, that could be helpful to resolve the school investigation.

    Impact on Job and Internship Opportunities

    The impact of a Connecticut student fake ID forgery off-campus arrest can even affect internships, graduate school, and job opportunities in the future. It is important to try talk with an experienced attorney right away to get rid of the case quickly and reduce the impact it has on the student’s future.

    How Attorneys Can Help in University Disciplinary Hearings

    An attorney can help by preparing the student for how to best answer questions when there is a pre-hearing interview with the resource officer from the school working on the case. Depending on the school, the attorney may not be admitted into the room with the student.

    The attorney can work with the student to prepare them on questions to expect, how to deal with the investigation, and be able to tell their side of the story. If the situation goes to a full-blown hearing, the attorney can prepare the student and be there during the disciplinary hearing to advocate on the student’s behalf.

    In either case, an experienced attorney will look to see whether the police officers followed the law when conducted a search or seizure. In criminal court, the attorney’s goal will be to protect the person’s permanent record. In the university proceedings, the attorney’s goal will be to keep the student in school and avoid expulsion.

    Qualities to Look for in a Fake ID Attorney

    It would be beneficial for the student to have an attorney who can handle the criminal representation in criminal court and advise, assist, and counsel the student in the university disciplinary hearing. The student should have an attorney who has done both before and understands the process for both. Preferably, the attorney should have experience dealing with the specific college or university the student attends so they are even more familiar with the specific procedures there. A skilled fake ID lawyer could try to lessen the impact of a Connecticut student fake ID forgery off-campus arrest, and protect an individual’s future.