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    Connecticut Student Fake ID Forgery Arrests on Campus

    Fake ID charges arrests are common on college campuses because half of the university population is under the age of 21 while the other half is over the age of 21. Those under 21 usually try to get a fake ID to purchase cigars or alcohol for parties and to be able to drink with the older half of the population. What many students do not realize is that they can get arrested by campus law enforcement for using a fake ID. Connecticut student fake ID forgery arrests on campus occur a lot more often than people think. Those who have been arrested for using or creating fake IDs, should consult a fake ID attorney who could help.

    Possession of Fake ID Charges

    Connecticut takes fake ID forgery charges seriously. Often, the university police or the town police where a university is located, try to ensure the safety of college students and local teenagers. They do not want people drinking and driving, especially the younger students who go to college in Connecticut. They want to make sure that the students follow the laws.

    Regardless of whether a person is a student in university or not, they will face the same penalties and could face the felony forgery in the second-degree penalties for possessing a fake ID in Connecticut. Being a student could make the situation worse because, in addition to facing the criminal charges in court, they might face a simultaneous disciplinary action from the university.

    Consequences for Creating and Distributing Fake IDs

    When a student is creating and distributing fake IDs, the situation becomes more serious. Not only will they face Connecticut student fake ID forgery arrests on campus, but each time someone creates or distributes a fake ID, they could be charged with forgery in the second-degree. Even if they do not use the fake ID, creating it is enough to be charged and possibly convicted of forgery in the second-degree.

    For each of those charges, the student faces penalties of up to five years in jail, up to a $5,000 fine, a period of probation. The potential penalties are greatly increased for every one of those IDs. The penalties are multiplied by those numbers and there is a lot of risk when someone is caught doing that.

    How Arrests Are Different When Someone is a Student

    Many people might think that arrests are different for non-students, but that is not completely true. The arrests are typically the same for a student but the arresting agencies might change. For example, UConn Storrs and UConn Stamford, Yale, Sacred Heart and other colleges in Connecticut have their own campus police.

    Regardless of where Connecticut student fake ID forgery arrests on campus take place, a student could still be convicted of a felony. Even if the student does not use the fake ID and it is found in their dorm room, they can still be charged with a felony by being in possession of the fake ID.

    Rights on Campus vs Rights off of Campus

    A student facing college or university charges does not have the same rights as when facing charges outside of the university. Because they go to the college or university, they are subject to the student handbook which prohibits them from breaking any laws even if there is no arrest. The most common outcome of a school investigation is university probation, but can include suspension or even expulsion, depending on the specific circumstances of the case.

    Depending on the university, the student often has the right to a disciplinary hearing but they do not always have the right to have an attorney with them in the disciplinary hearing and they are subject to certain mandates. For example, they might be removed from university housing even if they are not found guilty of the charge. They might be put on a period of probation within the university or they might be required to do classes or complete certain conditions even if they are not found guilty or convicted of the crime. If an individual has been charged with using a fake ID, they should consult a knowledgeable fake ID lawyer. An experienced attorney may have experience dealing with Connecticut student fake ID forgery arrests on campus, and could pursue a positive outcome for them.