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    Quinnipiac University Fake ID Forgery Second-Degree Arrest Lawyer

    A person is guilty of forgery in the second-degree in Connecticut when they have a fake ID, they have the intent to defraud or deceive someone else, and they falsely make, complete, or alter a written instrument. In this case, the written instrument will be the officially-issued ID from a state. Possession of the fake ID itself is considered the forgery.

    If a Quinnipiac student is charged with forgery or possession of a fake ID, they should immediately contact an adept student defense attorney in order to begin to mount a proper defense. A qualified Quinnipiac fake ID forgery second-degree arrest lawyer could fight tirelessly for a positive outcome for them.

    Felony Fake ID Charges

    A fake ID charge is when an individual has an ID that is altered in some way. It could include changing the date or the year of birth or assuming someone else’s identity. This charge can take many forms. Someone can be charged with possessing a fake ID if they get caught trying to use it a liquor store, or at a bar or club but they are not actually of proper age. They can also be charged for having a fake ID in their wallet and the police search their wallet. They can also just have a fake ID on their person while subject to a search by police. Felonies charges are always serious. Mere possession of a fake ID is considered a crime. If the individual just has the ID on their person, in their wallet, in their pocket, or anywhere on the person and it is found by police that is considered a crime. A fake ID offense in Connecticut is a D felony that carries one to five years in jail and up to a $5,000 fine. Forgery in the second-degree covers any written instrument from the government or some other official agency. It covers passports, ID cards, and driver’s licenses. These charges can have a significant impact on someone who is a Quinnipiac student, which is why they should retain the services of a Quinnipiac fake ID forgery second-degree arrest lawyer that could build their defense.

    Challenging Fake ID Forgery Charges

    A person’s arrest record is available to the public on the judicial website. If they know the individual’s name and their personal information, they can type it on the website and look up the information. If it is picked up by a news outlet the arrest can be made available to the public without having to do any searching at all.

    Depending on the circumstances, a person could potentially challenge their arrest. The police need probable cause to search someone. In some cases, they need less than that to look into a person’s wallet for things. The situation might involve a necessary search warrant. If there is no search warrant and no probable cause, then a person can challenge the arrest on those grounds. Another way to challenge an arrest is if the individual can show they did not have the intent to deceive or injure somebody else.

    Consulting a Quinnipiac University Fake ID Forgery Second-Degree Arrest Attorney

    Someone should speak with Quinnipiac fake ID forgery second-degree arrest lawyer as soon as possible. A skilled attorney will know exactly what to look for and know how to evaluate the case. They will know what the prosecutors and the court are looking for to help the case go away as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

    A person will want to speak with a lawyer in a forgery in the second-degree case because the lawyer will know what the weaknesses in the case are. The lawyer will know how best to dispose of the case in a way that protects the client’s future, and that gets the case disposed of as quickly as possible.