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    Quinnipiac Fake ID/Forgery Second-Degree Arrest Process

    College is an exciting time in one’s life and can be the catalyst for a lot of new experiences, however, not all new experiences are good. Students may feel a desire to experiment with drinking without realizing there are serious consequences for doing so. If an individual is caught using a fake ID to acquire alcohol, it could have major repercussions for their personal, academic, and even professional life. Furthermore, the Quinnipiac fake ID/forgery second-degree arrest process can be quite intimidating to undertake alone, which is why it is important to speak with a seasoned fake ID/forgery attorney who could help individuals navigate the arrest process and fight tirelessly in their defense.

    Charges That Can Lead to Fake ID Arrests

    Charges related to a fake ID arrest include underage drinking or possession of alcohol if someone actually has the alcohol. Another potentially related charge can be and they can be identity theft if they have an ID that is actually somebody else’s identity.

    A person can be arrested for simply having a fake ID. If someone is with their friends and one person draws law enforcement’s attention and the cop winds up searching someone that has a fake ID on them, they get arrested. The first thing an officer will do when arresting a Quinnipiac student for a fake ID arrest is put the student in the car and take them down to the station to book them.

    Conduct While Being Arrested for Forgery/Fake ID Offenses

    It is very important to cooperate with the police and avoid unnecessary fighting or tension during the Quinnipiac fake ID/forgery second-degree arrest process. An individual should also try to avoid incriminating themselves; they have the right to not answer questions from the officers. However, it can sometimes be better to be forward and honest in order to help the case go away quicker.

    A person can also refuse a police search. However, the police, in many instances, can search them anyway. There are a lot of exceptions that allow the police to search a person, such as for safety or incident to an arrest. If someone does refuse the police search, there is a good chance that the police will search them anyway. It is possible to address the legality of the search later on in the case. If an officer does not follow protocol and violates an individual’s constitutional rights while conducting a search, then it is possible that the actual finding of the fake ID can be suppressed and the case will be thrown out.

    What Happens After a Fake ID/Forgery Arrest?

    After undergoing the Quinnipiac fake ID/forgery second-degree arrest process, a person is given the summons to come to court on a certain day and time. On that court date, the person or their attorney will get a chance to speak to the prosecutor and the judge to try to come to an agreement. The police have the discretion to bring them to the police station or not. Generally, for a felony, they will bring someone to the police station for booking. The police have the option to allow someone to be released based on a promise to appear as well.

    The police may impose immediate restrictions called conditions of release that may include refusing to possess drugs or alcohol, or getting arrested again. If the person is arrested for the use of fake identification, then the police need to go through a different procedure to arrest them. They need to fill out an arrest warrant and have it reviewed by both the prosecutor and a judge. Once that happens, the police can execute a warrant and make the arrest at that time.

    Important Aspects of the Quinnipiac Fake ID Forgery Arrest Process

    There are about two to three weeks between an arrest and court date. Every court appearance is mandatory unless an individual has permission from a judge to not come to court. If someone is arrested for a fake ID charge in Quinnipiac, they will go to the Meriden Courthouse. Someone should know that it is always important to be cooperative with police but they should not volunteer any information. While the case is pending, they should make sure that they do not get in any more trouble. If they have any other fake IDs, they should make sure that they do not possess them and they do not get themselves in trouble. It is important to get ahead of a possible expulsion or disciplinary process by speaking to an attorney as soon as possible.