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    Penalties for Fake ID Forgery in the Second-Degree in Quinnipiac

    Fake ID forgery cases are taken quite seriously, and are often prosecuted vigorously. A prosecutor needs to prove, most importantly, that the person had the intent to defraud or deceive somebody else, and that they possessed a written instrument which would be the person’s ID and it was altered in some way. If the prosecution is successful, it could lead to an arrest. In turn, that arrest could lead to facing penalties for fake ID forgery in the second-degree in Quinnipiac. When someone is facing fake ID forgery charges, they should immediately contact an experienced fake ID attorney to evaluate the case and make recommendations on how to best proceed.

    Penalties for Fake ID Charges

    penalties for fake ID forgery in the second-degree in Quinnipiac include a potential Class D felony which carries one to five years in prison and up to a $5,000 fine. Possession of a fake ID is a serious crime in Quinnipiac because of the dishonesty associated with the crime. Law enforcement does not want students to be faking identification by saying they are somebody else.

    The penalties are the same no matter how old someone is. If someone is 17 or 18 and they have an ID that says they are 21, then that is forgery in the second-degree. Same thing if someone is 25 and they have an ID that says they are 30. The most severe penalties as far as Quinnipiac is concerned is an expulsion.

    Identity Theft

    If a person is in possession of a real ID that belonged to someone else, they could be charged with another very serious crime called identity theft. Identity theft occurs when someone uses anyone else’s personal identifying information to obtain money, credit, goods, services or properties. Someone using someone else’s information to buy alcohol can also be charged with identity theft.

    Penalties for Creating and Distributing Fake IDs

    Merely possessing a fake ID is not a defense to this crime. It does not matter if the person made it or not. If they are in possession of a fake ID, then they could be charged with forgery in the second-degree. If a person is creating and distributing fake IDs, they are looking at much more serious issues. Each fake ID they have in their possession is another count of forgery in the second-degree. They will also be treated much more harshly than someone who just has one fake ID. Prosecutors are more inclined to look for a guilty plea when the case involves someone who actually distributed fake IDs, and the penalties for fake ID forgery in the second-degree in Quinnipiac may be harsher.

    Potential Impact of Second-Degree Fake ID Forgery Arrests

    Any arrest can potentially have a significant impact on someone’s life. An arrest for forgery in the second-degree will undoubtedly lead to academic consequences for any Quinnipiac student. The person would be expelled from Quinnipiac and may be kicked off campus. In addition, if the arrest is picked up by a news outlet, it could seriously impact their ability to get a job. It is vital for individuals who face these charges to consult an attorney as quickly as possible. A capable fake ID forgery lawyer could devote the time and resources necessary to achieve a positive outcome for you.