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    Getting Fake ID Forgery Charges Dismissed in Quinnipiac

    Fake ID forgery cases can have serious consequences for someone. An attorney can help a Quinnipiac student get the best outcome on their fake ID case by evaluating the facts, and by using their knowledge and experience to put together the best package for the prosecutor and the judge to get the best result. If you are interested in getting fake ID forgery charges dismissed in Quinnipiac, speak with a capable fake ID forgery attorney that could pursue the best possible outcome for you.

    Way to Get Charges Dismissed

    A common way for someone to get their charge dismissed is when during the encounter with police the police violate the individual’s constitutional rights. This can include searching without a warrant or without probable cause, or something else that is illegal. The individual may get their charge dismissed on those grounds. An arresting officer can violate an individual’s constitutional rights by searching without consent, which is a violation of the Fourth Amendment. If they do not have probable cause or an exemption to the warrant requirement, then this could result in getting fake ID forgery charges dismissed in Quinnipiac.

    They might also take the accelerated rehabilitation program, some first-time offender program, and at the conclusion of that, the charge gets dismissed.

    Pretrial Accelerated Rehabilitation Programs

    The pretrial accelerated rehabilitation program in Connecticut is a first-time offender’s program that will allow a first-time offender to keep their record clean if they follow the conditions of the court.

    A person can qualify for the program if they are a first-time offender and they have not used the program before. They cannot have any prior convictions, and it should be used when they are likely to not commit any other offenses. After the AR program is completed, the charge is dismissed and the person’s record is erased.

     What Happens After the Dismissal of Charges?

    After getting fake ID forgery charges dismissed in Quinnipiac, a person’s record is erased and expunged. They could swear under oath that they never were arrested.

    After the fake ID arrest is dismissed, then Connecticut law says that all the records are erased. An individual can swear under oath that they have never been arrested. It is possible to have success at removing articles from the internet once the arrest is dismissed.

    Consulting a Quinnipiac Univerity Fake ID Attorney

    You should speak to a lawyer as soon as you are arrested for a fake ID charge because a lawyer can evaluate what options are available to you. If you are going to use the accelerated rehabilitation program, an attorney could help you put your best foot forward in order to let the judge know that this is a mistake that you made and is not indicative about your character. A skilled attorney could answer any questions you may have about getting fake ID forgery charges dismissed in Quinnipiac, and work towards a positive outcome for you.