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    Campus Penalties for Quinnipiac Student Fake ID Forgery Arrests 

    Quinnipiac likes to promote its campus as free of crime and safe for everybody. When Quinnipiac finds out that it has a student charged with a crime, the university acts very quickly to safeguard its environment.

    Furthermore, A felony is very serious for a student and could seriously affect their standing at Quinnipiac. Fake ID charges could also affect a person’s access to internships and jobs in the future, which is why it is important to address these charges as soon as possible. If a person wants to know more about campus penalties for Quinnipiac student fake ID forgery arrests, they speak with a qualified fake ID forgery lawyer that could answer their questions.

    Authority That Campus Officers Have

    Quinnipiac campus officers are not deputized, meaning that they do not have the power to arrest a person. They do have the power to detain and search someone. However, if they find something illegal they have to call the Hamden police to get involved. Their power is limited but once they get to the end of their power, they call the police.

    What Happens if Someone is Arrested Off-Campus?

    The school will typically find out about any arrest regarding a fake ID charge. The arresting agencies, the Hampton Police or the New Haven Police, will alert Quinnipiac when a student is arrested.

    If Quinnipiac decides to invoke the disciplinary proceeding, campus penalties for Quinnipiac student fake ID forgery arrests could include expulsion or suspension, depending on the situation.

    Consequences for Fleeing the Scene

    If the student flees the scene directly from police, then a charge could be added for engaging the police in a pursuit. If the student flees the scene and leaves evidence behind, the police may come back later with a warrant and arrest them anyway.

    If the person is a student, they must simultaneously go through the criminal justice process along with the Quinnipiac disciplinary process.

    How Fake ID Forgery Charges are Treated

    The schools will look at misdemeanors very differently than a felony charge. A felony charge is likely to make the school act very quickly and very harshly. On a misdemeanor charge, they may have some mercy but they will still conduct their investigation in the same way.

    Disciplinary Process in Quinnipiac

    In Quinnipiac, the disciplinary process begins with a write-up. The write-ups are then reviewed and interviews with witnesses are conducted. The university will get a copy of the police report and give the student a chance to tell their story. After that, the university makes a determination regarding the appropriate punishment.

    Campus penalties for Quinnipiac student fake ID forgery arrests and criminal charges are totally separate and can both happen at the same time. Even if an individual is cleared of all the criminal charges, the school can still suspend or expel them. Commonly penalties include banning a student from campus for a certain period of time or suspending them depending on the severity of the charge.

    Student Rights in University Disciplinary Processes

    Students have much fewer rights in the university disciplinary process than they do the criminal justice process. Due process is very limited. There is no right to an attorney. A person does not have the right to remain silent and if they try to defend themselves, they will most likely have to do it on their own.

    Defense Strategies

    In criminal cases, a person has a right to due process, the right to confront witnesses, the right to see all the evidence against them and the right to challenge what the police did in a formal setting.

    In the university setting, there is much less due process and fewer rights. On a criminal case, the purpose is to keep an individual’s record clean, while in the university setting a lawyer is trying to achieve the best outcome possible and to help them avoid campus penalties for Quinnipiac student fake ID forgery arrests, if possible.

    Collateral Consequences of Fake ID Charges

    Most internships, grad school, and job opportunities conduct background checks. Depending on how the case is disposed of, it could come up on a background check. While the case is pending it certainly appears on a background check, therefore it is important for the defense to do everything they can to keep the individual’s record clean.

    Importance of a Quinnipiac Fake ID Forgery Lawyer

    An attorney can advise someone and help them communicate with the university, however, Quinnipiac University does not allow an attorney to actually participate in the process. Students should look for an attorney who is experienced, who knows about both the criminal system and the Quinnipiac University system and has handled many of these cases before.

    An attorney will want their attorney to have the person’s best interests in mind. Students should work with a lawyer that could answer any questions they may have about campus penalties for Quinnipiac student fake ID forgery arrests.