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    Defense Strategies for Fake ID Forgery in the Second-Degree Cases in Quinnipiac 

    If a person has been charged with a fake ID forgery offense, they should consult an experienced legal advocate. An attorney might help someone facing fake ID forgery charges in Quinnipiac by letting them know what the process is, helping to investigate the facts, and looking for any weaknesses in the state’s case. Furthermore, an attorney may have knowledge of defense strategies for fake ID forgery in the second-degree cases in Quinnipiac and could examine a person’s case to determine which strategy is best for them. Individuals should speak with a skilled fake ID forgery attorney and rest assured that they are in capable hands.

    Challenging a Fake ID Charge

    A person might challenge a fake ID charge by showing that they did not have the actual intent to deceive or defraud somebody with the fake ID. A person could get the charge dismissed entirely typically by using the accelerated rehabilitation program.

    Additional related charges certainly complicate the matter of selecting defense strategies. The related charges all need different defenses. If someone has certain changes that are defensible and some that are not, then it will affect their ability to negotiate.

    Impact of Unlawful Arrests on a Case

    One of the defense strategies for fake ID forgery in the second-degree cases in Quinnipiac involves examing the arresting officer’s behavior during the arrest. It is possible for an officer to arrest someone unlawfully. If an officer arrests someone unlawfully, then any evidence that the officer obtained as result of the unlawful arrest can be suppressed.

    If an officer arrests someone unlawfully and they are able to successfully suppress the finding of the fake ID, it could make the defense very strong and help get the case dismissed.

    Officer Mistakes During Arrest

    It is not very common for officers to make mistakes during the arrest process, but officers are human. They are well-trained but they still do make mistakes. Depending on the mistake, it could have an effect on the outcome or it could have no effect at all.

    When an officer makes a small mistake like a typo or something that does not rise to a constitutional issue, then it probably will not affect the outcome of a trial. However, if an officer makes a major mistake, then it certainly could change the outcome of a trial.

    Information the Defense Needs When Building a Case

    An attorney will generally first ask the defendant what they said to the police when the arrest happened and also get details about their criminal background.

    A lawyer will look at what the police did to see if they properly followed policies and procedures. They will look for them to tell them what the police said to the person, where they were, where they got the fake ID, and what their intent was.

    How a Quinnipiac Fake ID Forgery Lawyer Could Help

    Retaining a lawyer can be helpful in a lot of ways if you are facing a fake ID forgery charge. A lawyer can help you understand the process, understand the system, and point you in the direction of what you need to do to get ahead of the situation. This can include treatment, obtaining letters of recommendation, community service and other ways to show the court you are putting their best foot forward. Speak with a knowledgeable attorney that could answer any questions you may have about defense strategies for fake ID forgery in the second-degree cases in Quinnipiac.