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    Greenwich Child Abuse Lawyer

    If you are facing allegations of child abuse, it is wise to consult a legal advocate with experience handling child abuse accusations, especially when such allegations could lead to criminal charges such as risk of injury to minors, a felony offense.

    What is the Department of Children and Families in Connecticut?

    The Connecticut Department of Children and Families, known by Greenwich child abuse lawyers as “DCF”, investigates reports of suspected child neglect and abuse, including physical abuse and neglect, emotional abuse and neglect, moral abuse and neglect, and sexual abuse and neglect.

    How Does a Greenwich DCF Case Start?

    DCF investigations in Greenwich, Connecticut start with a referral, often to the DCF hotline. Once a referral/allegation is received, DCF will determine whether it will accept the case. If DCF initiates an investigation, a DCF social worker will make contact with the children right away – usually within a few days, but sometimes sooner if the allegations are serious.

    What Happens in a Department of Children and Families Investigation?

    Whether the child remains in the home or is placed with another family member or in foster care, DCF is likely to conduct a long and thorough investigation. As part of the investigation, DCF social workers will speak with teachers, doctors, and others who have contact with the family. Many times, families find these investigations to be invasive, but assistance from an experienced Greenwich DCF attorney could put a stop to questions when the agency oversteps its bounds.

    Should I have an Attorney Present during a Greenwich CT DCF Investigation?

    You have the right to hire an attorney and have the attorney present during all phases of a DCF investigation. It is wise to avoid speaking to the DCF or signing any agreements without first consulting a Greenwich child abuse lawyer. Statements made to investigators may be used against you later, and agreements you sign may be taken as evidence if you violate any of the terms, even unintentionally.

    What Does CT Consider Child Abuse and Neglect?

    Top Greenwich DCF attorneys will tell you that the “abuse” and “neglect” are defined broadly in Connecticut. For example, a child can be considered “neglected” under Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) §46b-120 if someone believes the child has been denied sufficient care and attention, either emotionally, morally, educationally, or physically. Neglect also includes circumstances where a child is abandoned or living under “injurious” conditions.

    Abuse covers situations in which a child has been injured in a manner that is either non-accidental or that is different than initially explained. A child may also be considered abused if they show sign of malnutrition, emotional mistreatment, sexual molestation or exploitation, cruel punishment, or deprivation of necessities.

    A Greenwich DCF attorney can represent you against allegations of abuse and neglect and assist you during every stage of the investigation.

    Contact a Greenwich Child Abuse Attorney Today

    A knowledgeable Greenwich DCF lawyer who understands the standards and procedures involved could work to protect your rights and the privacy and well-being of your family. The sooner you obtain advice and representation from a dedicated legal advocate, the sooner your attorney can take steps to counter the allegations and resolve the issues. Call Mark Sherman Law today to schedule a consultation and learn how an experienced attorney could assist in your case.