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    Greenwich Spousal Abuse Lawyer

    Were you accused of domestic violence against your spouse? A Greenwich spousal abuse lawyer could help rebut that presumption and fight to defend you against any charges.

    What Constitutes Spousal Abuse in Greenwich, CT?

    There is no singular “spousal abuse crime” in Connecticut. A myriad of crimes can be considered spousal abuse if they are committed by and against spouses, ex-spouses, and even couples who just live together.

    What are the Penalties for Spousal Abuse?

    Because so many different crimes can be treated as spousal abuse or violence, the penalties can vary a great deal from the lowest of misdemeanor, to the highest of felony, and everywhere in between.

    The penalties for the most serious offenses, such as first-degree assault, can include up to 20 or more years in prison and fines as high as $20,000. By contrast, the maximum sentence for a Class B misdemeanor is six months in jail and a fine of up to $1,000. Most penalties fall in between these extremes.

    Greenwich spousal abuse lawyers know that the additional consequences of a conviction often cause the most problems. Having a conviction for a violent offense on your record can harm your job prospects, housing, lending opportunities, and more.

    Will Courts Issue a Protective Order Against Me?

    Another frequent consequence of a domestic violence accusation such as spousal abuse is the imposition of protective orders. Either civil or criminal courts may impose an order restricting various types of contact or communications between parties to a dispute.

    Violation of any type of protective order is a separate felony charge on top of any underlying offense. Anyone subject to a protective order needs to be certain they understand how to comply with the terms. Even an accidental violation may have serious consequences.

    Work with an Experienced Greenwich Spousal Abuse Attorney

    An experienced Greenwich spousal abuse lawyer could advocate for your rights and help you build the best defense possible. To learn more about the benefits provided by a knowledgeable lawyer, call Mark Sherman Law.