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    Interfering with 911 Call in Greenwich

    Preventing or attempting to prevent someone else from contacting law enforcement is a misdemeanor offense. If a family or household member from doing so may constitute domestic violence. A qualified domestic violence attorney could help anyone accused of interfering with a 911 call in Greenwich understand their legal options and effectively construct their defense.

    What Consequences Could Come from Interfering with a 911 Call?

    According to Connecticut General Statutes §53a-183b, a person who physically or verbally blocks someone from reaching law enforcement over phone or radio may be charged with the offense of interfering with an emergency call in Greenwich.

    Physical interference could entail severing the connection prematurely, destroying the phone itself, or restraining someone from reaching the phone in the first place, while verbal interference generally involves taking over the phone and telling law enforcement not to respond.

    If convicted of this offense alone, a defendant may face class A misdemeanor penalties that include a maximum of one year in jail and a $2,000 fine. Additional offenses related to the same incident, such as disorderly conduct or assault, may result in enhanced penalties if the court elects to prosecute those offenses separately from the act of interfering with an emergency call.

    Can This Be Classified as Domestic Violence?

    If someone prevents a relationship partner, family member, or household member from contacting emergency services, this offense may be classified as domestic violence. If this is the case, you may be subject to additional consequences.  To learn more about temporary protective order’s click here. If kids are involved you may also hear from DCF. To learn more about investigations by the Connecticut Department of Children and Families, click here. Help from a skilled attorney can be instrumental to maintaining and advocating for your rights in this situation.

    Can A Person Fight an Arrest for Obstructing an Emergency Call?

    Yes. A top Greenwich interfering with an Emergency Call attorney can help you not only understand your charges, but begin a speedy, effective, and strong defense. Gathering tangible evidence like phone records, speaking to witnesses who may have seen the incident, and reviewing the police report closely can all be key to getting a successful outcome.

    Learn More About Interfering with 911 Call Cases from a Greenwich Attorney

    A misunderstanding or mistake could lead to complications in your life for years to come. If you are charged with interfering with a 911 call in Greenwich, an experienced attorney could help you build a comprehensive defense strategy. To get started on your case, call today to schedule a consultation. Read our hundreds of certified 5-star reviews here.