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    Greenwich Domestic Violence Lawyer

    Local authorities take allegations of domestic violence very seriously, and you could face jail time if convicted. If you were accused of abuse against a family member, you should consider retaining a top Greenwich domestic violence lawyer as soon as possible. A skilled defense attorney could build a credible defense and fight for a positive resolution to your case.

    What Counts as Domestic Violence in Greenwich?

    Domestic violence is not a specific crime under Connecticut law. However, it is illegal to commit an act of violence against or to threaten a family member. The identity of the alleged victim determines whether or not an offense counts as domestic abuse.  In order to be charged with a domestic violence crime, the victim must be a family or household member, including spouses, former spouses, people related by blood or marriage, or any two people who have ever lived together or dated. There is no specific list of charges that may give rise to allegations of family violence, but the most common examples include:

    If you have been accused of domestic violence, do not hesitate to reach out to a Greenwich attorney.

    What Happens After I am Arrested for Domestic Violence in Greenwich?

    If you are arrested for domestic violence in Greenwich, you and your lawyer will be given a date to appear in Stamford Superior Court the next business day after your arrest.  You will have to meet with the Office of Family Relations and be screened for a risk assessment, and you will then be required to appear in front of the Judge for your arraignment and restraining order hearing.  A protective order will almost always be ordered by the Judge, and will remain in place for the entire duration of your case, and possibly longer.  These protective orders can be extremely limiting, and can prevent you from returning to your home or having any contact with your family, including your children.

    A Greenwich Domestic Violence Attorney Could Help Protect Your Rights

    Because there are so many moving pieces in court after your domestic violence arrest, you should immediately contact a top defense attorney who can not only help guide you through the system, but also protect your rights and fight the imposition of a protective order that could have lasting impacts on your life and your family.

    The negative impacts of a domestic abuse case can begin soon after an arrest. Contact a top Greenwich domestic violence lawyer immediately to give yourself the best chance moving forward.