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    Greenwich Roommate Violence Lawyer

    Were you accused of domestic violence against a roommate or housemate? A Greenwich roommate violence lawyer could help you navigate the investigation and criminal justice process while advocating for your rights.

    When is Roommate Violence Considered Family Violence?

    State statutes use the term “family violence” to describe traditional domestic violence situations. Family violence occurs when people in a family, intimate, or household relationship commit certain crimes involving violence or the threat of violence.

    Household relationships include situations between people who reside together currently or in the past. A Greenwich roommate violence lawyer may be able to demonstrate that an incident should not be treated as family violence because the people involved did not actually “reside” together or meet other relationship criteria.

    What are the Penalties for Roommate Violence?

    Roommate violence, like other forms of domestic violence, is not a specific crime. Rather, the phrase refers to certain violent offenses when they involve people who reside together. For example, assault may be treated as Class A misdemeanor, or Class A, B, C, or D felony depending on the circumstances.

    All crimes carry the potential for jail, fines, probation, and other non-judicial consequences on your reputation, your ability to secure employment, and your ability to secure housing.

    Can Household Violence Lead to Protective Orders?

    One consequence of family violence is the imposition of criminal protective orders by the court. An order may be set in place for the duration of a criminal proceeding, or the court may issue a standing criminal protective order that could remain in effect much longer.

    In addition, a roommate could ask a civil court to impose a civil restraining order or civil protection order. Violation of any of these orders is treated as a separate felony offense. Therefore, it is wise to consult a Greenwich roommate violence lawyer to help ascertain exactly what conduct is and is not allowed under the terms of an order.

    Contact a Greenwich Roommate Violence Attorney

    Besides taking care to comply with protective orders, those facing allegations of roommate violence should also avoid making statements or taking actions that could be used against them.

    Advice and representation from a knowledgeable Greenwich roommate violence lawyer could prevent these types of missteps. To learn more about how a domestic violence lawyer could help in your case, call Mark Sherman Law.