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    Defense Strategies in Greenwich Sex Crime Cases

    When beginning to defend a sex crimes case in Greenwich, an attorney will first file a motion to preserve evidence.

    Even if there has not been an arrest yet, once the attorney finds out that there is an investigation happening, they are able to send letters to various law enforcement agencies, or state labs if there is DNA or scientific records, to preserve any relevant materials. Then, if an arrest has been made, they can file those motions to preserve it directly with the court.

    Depending on the evidence, there are various defense strategies available in a Greenwich sex crimes case. If you are facing such a charge, it is pertinent that you consult with an attorney immediately.

    A knowledgeable sex crimes lawyer in Greenwich can craft a defense to help lessen or dismiss any consequences associated with your charge.

    Preserving Relevant Communication

    Besides scientific evidence, an attorney would also want to preserve any relevant communications between the complaining party and the person being investigated.

    This is to attempt to show consent, the existence of a relationship, or something to that effect.

    When determining the relationship between the two parties, the attorney will first ask what the relationship is like, if any exists, between the person complaining and the person being accused.

    The defense strategy in a Greenwich sex crime might be different for someone who has been in a long-term relationship with a person as opposed to someone who is a stranger.

    Use of Witness Testimony in Sex Crimes Cases

    In some cases, the person that is technically the victim of the offense does not want to testify against them especially in cases where one of their parents or another third party has actually initiated the police report. If the case includes sensitive material, attorneys should choose their words wisely if questioning the witness when the entire court is present.

    Related Evidence

    Evidence that is typically presented includes statements from the complaining person as well as any relevant witness statements. In some cases, there is scientific evidence like DNA or other fingerprint evidence as well.

    How do Judges Treat Sex Crimes Cases?

    Judges treat sex crimes cases seriously. Whether it is the felony or misdemeanor version of sexual assault, judges tend to be more harsh than they would with other cases because they want to make sure that if the person has committed the crime, they do not go out and commit it again to someone else. For that reason, there are severe penalties that a person could be exposed to like jail, fines, and sex offender probation.

    Building a Defense Strategy

    When building a defense strategy for a sex crime in Greenwich, an attorney will first determine if there was any intercourse and whether it was consensual.

    Experienced defense attorneys sometimes see cases where the people were together and the intercourse was consensual, but then, one party may have cheated or broken up with the other, and allegations of sexual assault are brought up. These may include no basis of evidence to support the claim.

    The attorney will look into the background of the two parties to see if there might be another reason or motive for the accusation. They will look at any past communication or consent.

    Other factors or issues when one is building a defense strategy in a Greenwich sex crimes case are to look for witness statements that may have seen the two together throughout the night, or any medical records to see whether either party was intoxicated during the alleged incident.

    Benefit of Experienced Counsel

    An experienced lawyer will have handled many sex crimes cases before, is going to be compassionate to the person accused, and will understand that it is probably a sensitive and uncomfortable situation to go through. However, they will be able to deal with it professionally, without crossing a line with any defense strategy, and advocate for what is best for their client at the same time. It is important that an attorney is local, is familiar with the people involved in the process, and obtains any relevant evidence as soon as possible when defending a Greenwich sex crimes case.

    A lawyer will look at any police reports, allegations, witness statements, and surveillance immediately to put together the best defense package for their client.