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    Greenwich Sugar Daddy Extortion Lawyer

    While being a “sugar baby” for a “sugar daddy” technically exists in a gray area of the Connecticut Penal Code, accusations that you extorted that “sugar daddy” for more money or something else of value is defined pretty plainly as a high-level felony sex crime. For that reason, among many others, contacting a Greenwich “sugar daddy” extortion lawyer should be a top priority for anyone accused of blackmailing someone they were previously in a financially-based intimate relationship with.

    “Sugar Daddy” Extortion as a Criminal Offense

    The Connecticut Penal Code explicitly prohibits the sale of sexual services for any form of compensation, offering anything of value directly in exchange for sexual services, or promoting or facilitating the provision of such services in any way. As thorough as these laws are in certain respects, they do not directly address people paying someone else to be in an ongoing intimate relationship with them, which may or may not involve sex. In other words, being a “sugar baby” is not explicitly against the law here.

    However, since “sugar daddies” very often want to keep their relationship with their “sugar baby” a secret to preserve their professional and personal reputation, “sugar babies” are in a unique position of power over their “sugar daddies” in terms of the incriminating information they have access to. While sharing that information with someone else is also not strictly illegal, threatening to do so unless the “sugar daddy” provides money or something else of value very much is.

    This type of act is generally prosecuted as a form of Larceny via Extortion, which Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) § 53a-122 defines as a Class B felony carrying sanctions upon conviction of a one to 20-year prison term and up to $15,000 in fines. Put simply, this is an extremely serious allegation that should warrant a proactive and vigorous defense, something a skilled Greenwich “sugar daddy” extortion attorney can provide vital assistance with.

    Dealing With Potential Civil Liability

    In addition to criminal prosecution, it is not unheard of for “sugar babies” accused of extorting their “sugar daddies” to face a lawsuit in civil court over the harm they allegedly caused their “sugar daddy” through their actions, especially if they actually leaked information about the nature of their relationship to the public or to specific people who knew the “sugar daddy.” If a “sugar baby” says something provably false about a “sugar daddy” in public, they may be held liable for “libel” or “slander,” depending on how that false information was shared.

    Even if everything a “sugar baby” says about their “sugar daddy” is 100 percent true, though, that “sugar daddy” may still have grounds to file suit against them over specific financial, professional, and personal losses they suffered as a direct result of that information being made public. A “sugar daddy” extortion lawyer in Greenwich can explain how cases like this tend to work in more specific detail during a confidential consultation.

    Speak With a Greenwich “Sugar Daddy” Extortion Attorney Today

    Allegations of “sugar daddy” extortion can change the course of your life at a moment’s notice and may lead to you facing years of imprisonment as well as a permanent felony record. Fortunately, you have help available to you from an experienced Greenwich “sugar daddy” extortion lawyer who has helped people in situations much like yours achieve favorable case results in the past. Call the Law Offices of Mark Sherman today to learn more, and click here to view our Avvo profile with over 300 certified reviews to see what past clients have to say about working with us.