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    Accelerated Rehabilitation in Greenwich Sex Crime Cases

    Connecticut offers special programs for first-offenders in certain cases. While accelerated rehabilitation is rare in Greenwich sex crime cases, a top defense attorney could help seek the best possible disposition.

    What is the Accelerated Rehabilitation Program?

    The Accelerated Rehabilitation program (AR) is a pretrial program for people who have never been in trouble before. To be eligible, the person cannot have any criminal convictions or any serious motor vehicle offense convictions. They also cannot have used AR at any point in the past for a felony or within 10 years for a misdemeanor. Additionally, because sex crimes are such serious offenses, the defendant would need to show good cause as to why they should be granted the program. If the judge grants AR, it allows them to earn a complete dismissal and expungement of their charges if they stay out of trouble for two years and comply with any other conditions imposed by the court.

    When is AR Available in Greenwich Sex Crime Cases?

    If this is a person’s first offense, they may be eligible for accelerated rehabilitation. However, this is a long shot in Connecticut when someone is facing sexual assault charges, and someone would only be eligible under very specific circumstances. For example, someone may qualify if they are charged with a Class C felony, are no more than four years older than the alleged victim, and were charged under the age of prohibition. However, in most cases, the judge will not be willing to allow someone to apply for or receive any program in sexual assault cases. If the sexual assault charges are at the Class B felony level because the defendant is more than four years older than the alleged victim, AR is unavailable.

    Because AR can have such a significant impact on your life, it is critical to give yourself the best chance of success in court. Without a pretrial program like AR, a sex crime conviction will leave a permanent mark on your criminal record that could be visible to employers, landlords, and educational institutions for the rest of your life.

    Contact a Greenwich Sex Crimes Attorney as Soon as Possible

    Someone charged with sexual assault should contact a Greenwich attorney immediately to discuss Accelerated Rehabilitation or any other available pretrial programs. Unfortunately, an arrest on sex crimes charges is a life-changing event, and the resulting cases are long and require extensive negotiations. The stakes are extremely high, with likely punishments including jail time and public sex offender registration. For help building a strong defense against your sexual assault charges, call Mark Sherman Law.