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    Prosecution of Greenwich Sex Crime Cases  

    Those accused of committing sex crimes typically may not realize they are doing anything wrong – especially in the cases of prohibited relationships. It is important for them to understand what the laws are so that the person does not say anything to incriminate themselves. Another important aspect of sex crime cases is the preservation of relevant evidence, either communication or scientific evidence, otherwise, it might disappear.

    The prosecution of sex crime cases in Greenwich is serious and the penalties are more than just the potential jail time, and that is because of things like sex offender probation and the national registry. That is why it is vital that you take these allegations seriously and get in touch with an experienced sex crimes lawyer who can advocate for you.

    Prosecution of Sex Crimes

    The prosecution of sex crime cases in Greenwich is aggressive because there are a lot of serious penalties attached to sex crimes. In Greenwich, allegations of sex crimes are treated seriously. The prosecutors want to use the case to protect the community at large from the person charged. There is a lot of stigma attached to sex crimes and the prosecutor wants to show the community that they are protecting them by aggressively prosecuting them and trying to put people in jail.

    Violent sex crimes are prosecuted even more aggressively. If there is any force, threat of force, or any violence, first of all, the alleged victim will probably want vigorous prosecution and so will the state and the community as a whole will want to see them prosecuted and probably go to jail.


    Sometimes during prosecution of sex crime cases in Greenwich, prosecutors push for the maximum sentences in violent cases. It depends on how disturbing the underlying allegations are and they could go one of two ways.

    They are usually going to want incarceration as part of that, especially when there is violence, however, if they can make a negotiation with the person that is charged that incorporates maybe a lot of jail time but may be not quite the max to avoid the need to have the accuser come in and have to testify because that could be traumatic, then they might want to do that.

    There are a couple of different factors they consider. Typically, they will be looking for jail, but possibly not the actual maximum amount. Most often, sex crimes are felony offenses. The only time there will be a misdemeanor sexual assault charge is when the person is charged with sexual assault in the fourth degree and the alleged victim is at least 16 years old.

    Where Are These Cases Heard?

    Where cases are heard varies on a case-by-case basis questions. It would be up to the person that is charged and also the defense attorney to talk about the overall strategy for the case. Especially in cases if the allegations are disturbing or unsettling, perhaps they would not want to go in front of a jury with them and they would choose a judge.

    But if the person being charged is saying that they are innocent, there are helpful facts for the case, and they would present as credible to the jury, then they might decide to go with the jury.

    Constitutional Issues in Sex Crime Cases

    Probably the most common constitutional issue that arises in the prosecution of sex crime cases in Greenwich would be the confrontation clause. In Connecticut and generally, in the country, a person has the right to confront any witnesses making a statement against them, and that means if this actually went all the way to trial, the person would have the right to question their accuser.

    In most cases, it would not be enough for the police officer to get up and say, that someone came in and made a complaint. The alleged victim would actually have to testify themselves and give the person charged an opportunity to question them, cross examine them, and test the allegations. If that does not happen, then it would be difficult, if not impossible, for the state to proceed against them.

    Value of an Attorney

    A compassionate attorney can make a world of difference in defending your sex crime case. The prosecution of sex crime cases in Greenwich is often vigorous because of the prosecution’s desire to show that they are doing what is in the best interest of the community, and taking a solid stance on sex crimes. You deserve an attorney that will fight just as tenaciously for you. If you have been charged with a sex crime, speak with a Greenwich lawyer who can build you a solid defense.