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    Greenwich Sex Crimes Lawyer

    As defined by Connecticut law, a sex crime is any sexual contact that is not consented to. There are different degrees of sexual assault. The most commonly charged offenses are sexual assault in the first, second, and fourth degrees.

    The term sex crime defines an overarching set of behaviors, generally unwanted sexual contact. Being convicted of such a crime can carry severe penalties that impact both an individual’s personal and professional lives in the long-term.

    If you have been charged with a sex crime and are seeking a robust defense, consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. A knowledgeable Greenwich sex crimes lawyer can mount a defense to help lessen or dismiss any consequences associated with your charge.

    What Is a Sex Crime?

    There is a spectrum of sex crimes that range in severity. Those that are considered less severe include situations where an individual touches another person. This is considered unwanted contact, even over the clothes. If the individual touches someone else’s sexual parts, that could constitute a sex crime.

    On the more severe end of the spectrum is something like forcible rape, which is considered a serious sex crime.

    There are statutes that deal with any behavior that would fall in between. To better understand these behaviors or how to build a defense to fight against them, consult with a sex crimes attorney in Greenwich as soon as possible.

    Degrees of the Sex Crime Charges

    A sexual offense is defined as any unwanted sexual contact. The degrees that are most commonly seen by our attorneys are:

    • First degree, which would contemplate things like forcible rape
    • Second degree, which is where there is either a lack of consent because of the person’s age or because of the relationship the person has with the defendant
    • Fourth degree, which would be acts that would not include any penetration or intercourse, but would instead be unwanted touching.

    A seasoned sex crimes attorney in Greenwich can help combat the prosecution’s allegations no matter the degree of the charge.

    What Is The Most Common Felony Sex Crime?

    The most common felony sex crime is sexual assault in the second degree. That includes things like a typical statutory rape charge, where a person may be too young to consent to sexual intercourse. A qualified sex crimes attorney in Greenwich can best help an individual prepare to face this charge.

    Slightly less common is sexual assault in the first degree, which is the traditional thought of forcible rape or intercourse by threat or the use of force.

    Intimidation of the Crime

    A sex crimes charge is often more intimidating than other charges because the crime itself is very sensitive for all parties involved. Many times, the alleged victim will have to take the stand, especially if the defendant is denying that the crime happened.

    If the person charged says they are innocent, then there is a higher likelihood that the case will go to trial rather than result in some sort of plea deal.

    It could also be intimidating because the crimes are of a serious nature. Many of them carry heavy penalties that can seriously impact an individual’s life.

    Rely on a Greenwich Sex Crimes Attorney for Help

    To defend against such penalties, an individual should not hesitate before contacting a Greenwich sex crimes lawyer.