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    Greenwich Sex Crime Investigations 

    Greenwich sex crime investigations can be intense, especially for individuals who have never had to interact with law enforcement in that capacity. Because of the stigma attached to sex crimes, and the severity of the charges, there can be a lot at stake. The prosecution and law enforcement will be aggressive in their approach to investigating your case, which is why it is vital to work with a lawyer who can fight just as diligently for you. If you have been charged with a sex crime, get in touch with an experienced sex crimes attorney who can guide you through the process, and can work to build you a solid defense.

    Post-Arrest Process

    Greenwich sex crime investigations prior to arrests are common when it comes to sex crimes, much more so than in other cases. The Greenwich police are usually thorough up front with their investigation, putting together a warrant and working with the state attorney’s office. They often try to speak with the person accused as well.

    Typically, the accused is contacted and told that there is a warrant outstanding for their arrest if it is a warrant arrest, which they typically are. These are pretty serious charges so there is some amount of bond that is put on them that they are going to have to post and so if they are able to post bond, they are going to get booked and processed, fingerprinted, and photographed, but then they will get released and they will have to appear at Stamford superior court within typically 14 days. If they are not able to post the bond, then they will be transported to the Stanford superior court on the next business day.

    When to Contact a Lawyer

    As soon as someone hears that there is a warrant outstanding for their arrest, or as soon as they hear that someone made a police report about them, they can actually get in touch with a lawyer right then and there and start getting advice on how to handle the case.

    A lot of times, people do not even realize that their conduct is illegal especially when with the statutory rape sections where there is age or specific relationships that prohibit sexual intercourse between the two, so there is a good chance that the person might go in and say something that would actually incriminate them forever.

    Not only that, but people, even if they are truly innocent, may go in and not seem credible or make a bad impression because they are nervous and do not know what to expect and it ends up backfiring.

    Investigation of Sex Crimes

    Usually Greenwich sex crime investigations start with a person coming in to make a report and sometimes it is a third party and not the actual accuser, but in a lot of cases it is the actual complaining party who comes in to make a police report to the police department and sits down with an officer and is interviewed there.

    Who Decides to Investigate

    The officer on duty will take the initial report. They usually double check with the supervisor and most of these complaints are investigated, at least initially. Especially if it is an allegation of sexual assault in the first-degree, they will send the person to the hospital to get a rape kit done and that is the first evidence they would be looking for. Then, other evidence would be any communication with the person that is accused and the person making the complaint.

    They might look for a potential witness to make a statement and any available video surveillance footage would be something they would be looking for initially as well.

    Typically, the Greenwich police department special victims unit handles sex crime investigations. Additionally, if a minor is involved, a referral to Connecticut’s Department of Children and Families (DCF) will trigger another investigation.

    Importance of Hiring a Lawyer

    A lot of times, Greenwich sex crime investigations can be uncomfortable for those accused of a sex crime. However, a lawyer who has defended clients facing the same accusations before, and has been to the police department to make a statement in a similar situation will be more comfortable with the process and know how to prepare the client for it. Your lawyer can work with you so that you will feel a little more comfortable walking into the police station, which can be intimidating. A qualified attorney can prepare them, and guide them through the investigation process. Contact a lawyer who can fight for you.