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    Greenwich Student Sex Crimes Charges

    Facing sex crimes charges in Greenwich is an overwhelming experience for anyone, especially for students attending high school or college. For help building a strong defense, contact a top sexual assault attorney.

    Can High School or College Students Face Statutory Rape Charges?

    Yes. There are cases in high schools in which a 14-year-old freshman is dating an 18-year-old senior. That scenario would actually fall under the age prohibition of statutory rape and could result in the arrest of the older student.

    Does Connecticut have Romeo and Juliet Laws?

    Yes. Romeo and Juliet laws allow sexual activity between otherwise underage individuals who are close in age to one another. Under these laws, if a person has sex with someone who is under the age of 16 but the actor is not more than three years older, then they will not be charged under the statutory rape laws.

    How do Colleges Handle Sexual Assault Allegations?

    To a certain extent, colleges and universities defer to the police investigation for an alleged sexual assault. However, schools do take these situations extremely seriously. The police investigation may run simultaneously in parallel to the school investigation, but there generally will be disciplinary measures. If the allegations are founded, then the school could choose to expel, suspend, or put the student on probation.

    What is the Burden of Proof in College Disciplinary Hearings?

    Typically, each school establishes its burden of proof within its code of conduct. The most common burdens of proof are by a preponderance of evidence and by clear and convincing evidence. However, each school does have the discretion to set its own code. These standards are subject to change as case law evolves with Title IV and also how other institutions interpret the laws.

    What are the Consequences of a Sexual Assault Allegation in College?

    In addition to school disciplinary and criminal proceedings, the effects of a conviction can last well into the future. Students accused of sexual assault may have difficulty getting into other schools in the future.

    Sex crime charges also come with a huge social stigma that can be difficult to overcome. These things spread very quickly, and it is hard to undo the damage once it has been done. This is why it is critical for students to retain legal counsel quickly. Even if police are just investigating and charges have not been filed, an attorney could help protect a student’s rights and fight for their interests.

    Contact an Experienced Greenwich Student Sex Crimes Attorney

    It is important for a Greenwich student to hire an experienced attorney immediately after being charged with a sex crime. A lawyer can scrutinize all of the purported evidence right away, go into cell phones records, and work with a private investigator to find favorable evidence. For help with your case, call Mark Sherman Law today.