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    Hiring a Lawyer for Protective Order Arrests at Mohegan Sun Casino

    If you are subject to a protective order issued by a court in the state of Connecticut due to a domestic violence allegation or arrest, the terms of that protective order apply still apply to you if you travel to other states and or sovereign territories, including the Mohegan reservation on which the Mohegan Sun Casino is located. If you have questions about the terms of your protective order or are facing an accusation that you violated those terms while at the Mohegan Sun Casino, speaking with a protective order lawyer should be your top priority.

    Are Connecticut Protective Orders Enforceable at Mohegan Sun?

    Even though the Mohegan reservation does not fall under the jurisdiction of the Connecticut state government, violations of the Connecticut Penal Code and/or Connecticut court orders that occur on Mohegan tribal land can still result in criminal charges in Connecticut. This is because the Mohegan Tribal Police work very closely and share information regularly with both Connecticut state and United States federal law enforcement authorities, and all sides of this arrangement will—and very often do—work together to ensure that someone who breaks Connecticut and/or tribal law is prosecuted for their offense.

    Understanding Different Types of Protective Orders

    Generally, protective orders stem from allegations of a criminal offense designated as “family violence,” and the three main types of protective orders are all meant to prevent the people allegedly targeted by that offense from suffering any future harm. If the underlying charge is not a particularly serious one, the court may issue a “limited” or “partial” protective order that prohibits the defendant from assaulting, threatening, abusing, harassing, stalking, following, or interfering with the protected party, but largely does not restrict them in any other way.

    A “residential stay-away” order incorporates the language from the partial protective order and further, prohibits a defendant from residing with or entering the same dwelling (and in some cases, workplace(s)) as the protected parties.

    Finally, a “full no-contact” order incorporates the language from the less restrictive orders above and further prohibits all forms of contact and communication between the defendant and the protected parties, with no exceptions made even for situations where a protected party is the one who initiates contact.

    It is worth noting here that the term “protective order” refers specifically to an order put in place for the duration of a criminal proceeding over an alleged act of family violence. If the case ends with a conviction, the court can extend the duration of the previous order in the form of a “standing criminal protective order,” as an attorney can further explain after getting charged at the Mohegan Sun.

    Possible Consequences of a Protective Order Violation

    Even if you have not yet been convicted of any family violence offense or any other type of crime, violating the terms of a protective order is treated extremely harshly under the Connecticut Penal Code. According to Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) §§ 53a-223 and 53a-223a, violations of both protective orders and standing criminal protective orders can be prosecuted as Class D felonies or, if the violation involves assaulting, harassing, threatening, sexually assaulting, physically restraining or restricting the liberty of, or otherwise attacking a protected party, a Class C felony.

    This means a conviction for a protective order violation could result in maximum sanctions between up to five years of imprisonment and $5,000 in fines or up to ten years imprisonment and $10,000 in fines. These consequences would be in addition to any sanctions that are imposed for the underlying offense which led to the order being issued in the first place.

    Get Help From a Protective Orders Attorney for Charges You Face at the Mohegan Sun Casino

    Dealing with a protective order is hardly ever simple, but breaching the terms of one even by accident can have far-reaching consequences beyond the allegations you are already facing. With that in mind, it is vital to take any accusation that you violated your order’s terms extremely seriously, and that starts with getting seasoned legal representation on your side. Call a protective order lawyer from the Law Offices of Mark Sherman today to schedule your confidential consultation after an arrest at the Mohegan Sun, and click here to view over 300 certified reviews from past clients to see what they have to say about working with us.