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    Common Criminal Charges at the Mohegan Sun Casino

    Casino environments can often stir up both risky and dangerous behavior among individuals. With an abundance of alcohol and gambling on site, the potential for criminal acts to occur at Mohegan Sun Casino is heightened. If you have been accused of a criminal charge at Mohegan Sun, it is important that you contact a lawyer immediately. An experienced attorney will be able to help effectively defend your case, and assist in lessening any penalties you may be facing after an arrest at the Mohegan Sun Casino.

    Common Casino Crimes

    Mohegan Sun is a high-end luxury casino. Often, an attorney will see people partying a lot, getting out of hand, breaching the peace and committing disorderly conduct on the casino floor, at the clubs, and at the bars.

    There are numerous bars, clubs and concerts at Mohegan Sun. Often, people may bump into each other, get into fights, or get a bit rowdy. Further, an attorney will see DUIs and DWIs coming out of the casino late at night. Connecticut state police will sometimes set up DUI or DWI sobriety checkpoints around the perimeter of the casinos to try to deter people from drunk driving, and stop drunk driving from taking place altogether. Law enforcement may also see both prostitution and patronizing prostitution charges.

    In summary, the most common Mohegan Sun criminal charges consist mainly of excessive drinking and drugs, prostitution, and domestic violence.

    Prostitution Issue

    Due to the amount of money flowing through the casino, prostitutes and escorts tend to flock to that area, and may attempt to try to get individuals to spend money on them. There are typically not many conspiracy charges.

    In regards to prostitution, one thing people have to be very careful of when they are meeting an individual at the casino is the fact that human trafficking has become a hot-button issue in the state of Connecticut. If an individual is going to engage in any sort of consensual sexual contact with anyone, they must be certain that they are of age. Failure to do so may result in very serious sexual assault charges and human trafficking charges, which carry very stiff mandatory minimum jail sentences.

    Indictment Process

    There are no indictments at Mohegan Sun Casino. Most arrests in the Mohegan Sun Casino are state arrests prosecuted by state prosecutors. Further, once someone is arrested, then it is considered an indictment.

    If it is a federal crime, however, there would be an indictment. Federal crimes in Mohegan Sun only arise from counterfeiting, drug distribution, and any kind of child pornography or human trafficking situation. Those are the extremely serious crimes that occur on the casino grounds that end up going to federal court.

    After an Arrest

    If an individual has been charged with a crime at Mohegan Sun, it is important to be very respectful to the tribal police, and to not make matters worse by being aggressive or disrespectful toward them. That could potentially lead to additional charges. The Mohegan Sun tribal police are regularly dealing with intoxicated people, and they do not have a lot of patience for disrespectful individuals while questioning and conducting an investigation. A person must try to be calm and respectful, but refrain from providing information that can be used to build a damaging case.

    Public Arrest Records

    Another issue at hand is to suppress the Mohegan Sun arrest information from the local online papers. Mohegan Sun will typically release information regarding arrests to the local online news outlets around Norwich and New London, Connecticut. This information is made public for two reasons.

    First, it is required by the Freedom of Information Act. These are state and federal laws that provide access to the arrest reports, mug shots, identification, and name and address information of a person who has been arrested at Mohegan Sun. The local online news websites can publish this information online.

    Secondly, arrested people’s names being published online may deter others from committing crimes at Mohegan Sun. If a person’s name has been published on the web for an arrest at Mohegan Sun, and they are interested in getting it removed off of the internet, an experienced attorney can help.

    Benefits of an Attorney

    A person should contact a lawyer at the earliest opportunity. An individual should not fight their case alone. An experienced attorney will work quickly to help achieve the best possible results depending upon the case circumstances.