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    Hiring a Lawyer for Sextortion Arrests at Mohegan Sun Casino

    While the Mohegan Sun Casino is located on the Mohegan Tribe Reservation and is therefore technically not part of the State of Connecticut, tribal police work closely with Connecticut law enforcement authorities to investigate, arrest, and prosecute people who violate the Connecticut Penal Code while on tribal land. If you have been charged with “revenge porn,” “sextortion,” or any other criminal offense involving the unlawful use of intimate images while at the Mohegan Sun Casino, you should make contacting a sextortion lawyer your top priority.

    How State Law Defines “Sextortion” as a Criminal Offense

    Connecticut authorities usually take one of two paths when prosecuting someone for “sextortion,” and their choice of charge depends on what the defendant allegedly did with someone else’s intimate images. The less severe version of this offense is “Unlawful Dissemination of an Intimate Image,” which—as per Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) § 53a-189c—involves someone causing harm to another person by intentionally spreading around a sexually explicit depiction of that person without their consent and under circumstances where the depicted person reasonably believed the image would remain private.

    Someone who unlawfully disseminates an intimate image to just one other person may be prosecuted for a Class A misdemeanor and face maximum sanctions upon conviction of $2,000 in fines and a one-year jail term. However, if the dissemination occurs over any electronic, telephone, or computer communications network and the image is sent to more than one other person, the offense becomes a Class D felony punishable by up to $5,000 in fines and a five-year prison sentence.

    Someone who uses the threat of such dissemination to extort money or something else of value from the depicted person may be prosecuted for Larceny by Extortion under C.G.S. § 53a-122. As a sextortion attorney can further explain, this type of charge always constitutes Larceny in the First Degree, which means a convicted individual faces harsher penalties of up to $15,000 in fines and a prison term between 1 and 20 years in length, commensurate with a Class B felony offense.

    Effectively Contesting Allegations of Sextortion

    Notably, someone can only be convicted under C.G.S. § 53a-189c for Unlawfully Disseminating an Intimate Image if:

    • The depicted person was not voluntarily engaged in sexual conduct in a public place or commercial setting;
    • The depicted person was clearly identifiable in the image(s) in question; and/or
    • The dissemination of the image(s) did not serve the public interest.

    Likewise, someone can only be charged with Larceny by Extortion if they successfully obtained money, goods, or services from someone else as a direct result of the extortion in question. While attempting to commit Larceny by Extortion or simply threatening to release sensitive images may be prosecuted under other criminal statutes, they would typically not be anywhere near as severe as Larceny in the First Degree.

    If any of these conditions are not met, it may be possible to contest the charge on those grounds with help from a sextortion lawyer that has experience with cases involving Mohegan Sun Casino.

    Get in Touch with a Sextortion Attorney After Getting Arrested at the Mohegan Sun Casino

    It has not been long since the Connecticut state legislature formally criminalized the act of “revenge porn,” but now that this type of offense is officially in the Penal Code, law enforcement officers and court officials take it very seriously and prosecute it harshly. Fortunately, you have help available when it comes to fighting back against accusations like this from a visit at the Mohegan Sun Casino from a knowledgeable sextortion lawyer at Mark Sherman Law. Contact our firm today to schedule a confidential consultation, and visit our Avvo profile to read what over 300 previous clients have said about working with our team.