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    Hiring a Lawyer for Rape Arrests at Mohegan Sun Casino

    If you have been accused of rape at the Mohegan Sun Casino, the tribal police have the authority to charge you under Connecticut law. A lawyer could advise you of your rights and safeguard your interests moving forward after facing rape charges at the Mohegan Sun Casino. Contact The Law Offices of Mark Sherman to begin working with a skilled defense attorney as soon as possible.

    Tribal Police are Empowered to Make Arrests and Searches

    For years, the tribal police that oversaw the Mohegan Sun Casino lacked any authority to make criminal arrests or execute search warrants. However, the State of Connecticut has extended the tribal police’s powers, which has had a significant impact on allegations of rape or other criminal activity at the casino.

    Additionally, the tribal police that investigate reported crimes have other tools at their disposal other than arrests and search warrants. Because it is a casino, guests are under constant visual and aural surveillance, from countless angles, in public areas. The critical thing to understand is that due to this surveillance, the police could have numerous options when it comes to building a rape case.

    It is still possible to beat allegations of rape in court, especially with the guidance of a qualified attorney. Handling such a serious charge on one’s own is risky and rarely ends with a favorable legal outcome.

    How to Fight Rape Charges

    A person accused of a sex crime is not defenseless. There are countless ways to fight these allegations and avoid a conviction. In some cases, an attorney can resolve Mohegan Sun rape allegations before an arrest is ever made. This is why having the guidance of tenacious legal representation from the outset is invaluable when it comes to protecting one’s rights and reputation.

    There are multiple defense strategies that can apply in these cases but selecting the right one is vital. Every strong defense begins with a thorough investigation of the circumstances surrounding the claim to bring to light important facts that clarify what may or may not have happened. In many rape cases, consent plays an important role. There are times that an investigation might make it clear that a sexual encounter occurred, but that it was also consensual.

    Other allegations of rape are based entirely on a mistake. For example, some assaults occur at the hands of strangers. This can lead to criminal charges against the wrong person due to mistaken identity. An aggressive defense strategy could help clear up these misconceptions.

    Plea Bargains

    In some instances, the evidence of guilt is strong enough for a conviction. In these situations, the best option may be to work toward a fair plea bargain. While no one wants to plead guilty to these charges, a negotiated plea could be the best option available for some defendants to prevent them from facing jail time or registering as a sex offender. However, this outcome is nearly impossible to secure without legal counsel.

    Contact a Rape Attorney for Help Protecting Your Future After a Mohegan Sun Casino Arrest

    If you have been charged with, arrested for, or are under investigation for an alleged rape, you have the right to defend yourself in court. If you are ready to pursue your defense strategy after an arrest for rape at the Mohegan Sun Casino, a lawyer is here to help. Reach out to Mark Sherman Law right away for a confidential consultation, and click here to read what past clients have to say about working with us.