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    Get Your UConn Disorderly Conduct Arrest Dismissed

    Get Your UConn Disorderly Conduct Arrest Dismissed

    As any top UConn Rockville criminal lawyer knows, the most common arrests at UConn are for Disorderly Conduct, Fake IDs, and Marijuana Possession. Disorderly Conduct arrests always tend to be the most challenging, as these arrests arise from fights at bars, off-campus parties, or domestic violence disputes between boyfriends and girlfriends.

    So what’s so tricky about a UConn Disorderly Conduct arrest?

    For starters, the Rockville criminal court as well as UConn Office of Student Affairs will each try to slap a restraining order on you, making it very difficult for you or your child to navigate his or her way around campus without violating a 100-yard stay away or no-contact restraining order.

    So if you’ve been arrested at UConn for Disorderly Conduct under CGS 53a-182, keep reading to learn how to get your case dismissed quickly, and how to resolve any school discipline issues before they snowball out of control.

    UConn Police Are Real Police Officers with Real Arrest Powers

    While most Connecticut college campuses employ full-time security guards who don’t have Connecticut arrest and interrogation powers, UConn has its own police force of approximately 70 sworn police officers. UConn Police have full governmental authority to detain you, arrest you and execute search warrants and arrest warrants.

    So be careful and respectful when dealing with UConn police, even if they are aggressive or hostile toward you. Remember, you have the right to remain silent and the right to speak to any of the best UConn criminal law firms before sitting down for a UConn police interview or interrogation.

    Get any of Best Rockville Criminal Lawyers in UConn to Fight Your Case

    All University of Connecticut / UConn arrests for Disorderly Conduct CGS 53a-182 report to Rockville Superior Court located at 20 Park Street in Vernon, Connecticut. At Rockville court, your top UConn Rockville criminal attorney lawyer can negotiate your UConn arrest and try to persuade the state’s attorney prosecutor to drop the charge, or alternatively make a compelling argument to the Rockville judge to dismiss your UConn Disorderly Conduct arrest, even if the prosecutor objects and wants you to plead guilty to this misdemeanor. It’s a delicate process with many moving parts. You can follow this link for more on strategies for fighting UConn misdemeanor or felony arrests.

    Fight Your UConn Disciplinary Hearing

    As any of the best UConn criminal lawyers understand, most UConn Disorderly Conduct arrests usually come hand-in-hand with a UConn school discipline hearing. Usually a UConn student will get a letter mailed to them within days of their UConn arrest or their first court date in Rockville Superior Court. They will be required to meet with a UConn Dean or Assistant Dean who will confront the student with the accusations that led to the UConn arrest. How you handle this meeting and any related UConn school discipline hearings is critical to your educational and professional future. So before speaking with any UConn deans or school officials, be sure to reach out to a top school discipline criminal lawyer attorney.

    Contact a UConn Rockville Criminal Lawyer at Mark Sherman Law Today

    The team of UConn criminal lawyers at Mark Sherman Law have been helping UConn undergraduate and graduate students with their UConn arrests and school disciplinary hearings for over 15 years. Our goal is getting you the best results possible as quickly as possible. You can read certified client reviews from our former UConn clients. So if you’re a UConn student facing a Disorderly Conduct or Fake ID arrest, then give us a call today. Our attorneys are available 24/7 to take your call.