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    Role of a Connecticut Sexual Assault Prosecutor

    During a sexual assault case, both the defense and prosecution are responsible for arguing for or against the accused. The role of a Connecticut sexual assault prosecutor is to present the state’s case against the accused and to establish that the accused is guilty of allegedly committing sexual assault. An experienced sexual assault lawyer could collect the necessary evidence to build a solid defense and refute the prosecution’s allegations. If you have been charged with a sexual assault offense, speak with an attorney and know that you are in capable hands.

    Assigning a Prosecutor to a Case

    Once an arrest is made by the police department, the file gets transferred to the local court and the prosecutor at that Superior Court would be assigned to the case. As soon as an arrest is made and the case gets moved to court, a prosecutor would be assigned to handle it. Typically, there is one prosecutor in each courthouse that deals with sexual assault cases or sex crimes and that prosecutor is specifically trained to handle these cases.

    What Does the Prosecutor Do?

    The role of a Connecticut sexual assault prosecutor is prosecuting the case. They act on behalf of the State of Connecticut and they have the role of protecting the interest of the State of Connecticut. They decide what charges are going to be brought against the defendant. They could change the charges. They decide whether or not they have enough evidence to pursue a case or to file a case.

    Initial Meeting Between the Prosecutor and the Accuser

    In the initial meeting between the prosecutor and the alleged victim, the prosecutor would sit with the alleged victim and typically ask for more information about what the allegations are. They would try to figure out exactly what happened and what the alleged victim is looking for in the criminal case, meaning what type of punishment they would be happy with. If the prosecutor has an idea of what kind of offer they are going to extend in the case (what the defendant might plead guilty to, jail time, etc.) they might run it by the alleged victim and get the alleged victim’s input.

    What Happens During the Prosecutor’s Meeting with the Accused

    Typically, a prosecutor would not meet with the alleged attacker. If a person hires an attorney, the prosecutor would meet with the alleged victim’s attorney instead of the alleged attacker involved. If someone who is accused of a sex assault meets with the prosecutor, it would be in court. The prosecutor would most likely tell them that they should hire a top CT sexual assault attorney or apply for a public defender because they should not be representing themselves in this case. If that does not happen, the prosecutor might make an offer to the defendant to plead guilty to a charge.

    Importance of Working With a CT Sexual Assault Attorney

    The nature of the sexual assault investigation makes it important to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney because the allegations are serious and they could result in a significant period of time in prison or on sex offender probation. It is important to make sure that if someone is accused of a sexual assault crime that they have an experienced attorney who could keep their exposure to jail time or probation as low as possible. An experienced attorney understands the role of a Connecticut sexual assault prosecutor and could leverage their knowledge to refute the prosecution’s argument and build a person’s case.