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    Connecticut Sexual Assault Consequences

    If you were charged with sexual assault, you should not appear in court without legal representation. As the best lawyers know, Connecticut sexual assault consequences can be severe, and a conviction could result in years or even decades in prison. Contact a top CT attorney today to begin fighting for an optimum outcome in your case.

    Sexual Assault Penalties in Connecticut

    The consequences a defendant could face if convicted of sexual assault in Connecticut include a jail sentence and sex offender probation, which is a strict form of probation in Connecticut. They would also have to pay a fine to the court.

    Sexual Assault with a Firearm

    The consequences become more severe if the defendant is convicted of sexual assault with a firearm. This is one of the highest levels of sexual assault that a person could be convicted of, so the consequences become much more elevated. Any time a defendant is convicted of sexual assault with a firearm, they face a lot more jail time, including a mandatory minimum jail sentence that could not be suspended by the judge or the prosecutor as well as probation, sex offender probation, and sex offender registration.

    Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Minor

    The consequences differ for aggravated sexual assault of a minor, because sexual assault of a minor is a Class A felony. Any person found guilty under the first offense is sentenced to a term of imprisonment with a mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years, which could not be suspended or reduced by the court. Any subsequent offense is a mandatory minimum imprisonment of 50 years, which could not be suspended or reduced by the court. It is more than double the mandatory minimum jail sentence of regular sexual assault, and it is a lot more serious.

    Spousal or Cohabitating Relationships

    The consequences of sexual assault in a spousal or cohabitating relationship are a conviction for a Class B felony with a mandatory minimum jail sentence of two years that could not be reduced or suspended by the court, fines and probation time.

    Long-Term Consequences in CT

    A sexual assault conviction could have a long-term impact on an individual’s life. A felony or misdemeanor conviction stays on a person’s criminal record for the rest of their life, and it will probably not get pardoned or expunged. This could make it difficult to find a job.

    The most damaging or impactful issue that people face when they have a conviction for a sexual assault crime is that they could be placed on a sex offender registry or sex offender probation. These are difficult to comply with and require a lot of time, effort, and energy, including continued counseling and checking in with the probation officer.

    A person would not be allowed to live in a normal area. They would need to make sure that they were not around children (depending on the registry) or anyone that would be susceptible to sexual assault crimes. It would impact their ability to find work or to provide for their family.

    Impact on Professional Life

    A sexual assault conviction could impact an individual’s professional life. If they are applying for school, it is likely that they would get denied if they have a conviction on their record. If they are applying for a job, it is also likely they would get denied because these crimes are typically deemed to be violent. It would take a specific job to hire someone with this sort of criminal record. It is likely that they would have difficulty finding a job, especially if they have not gone to school or applied before the conviction occurred.

    Contact a Connecticut Sexual Assault Lawyer

    If you were arrested for a sex crime and are concerned about the potential Connecticut sexual assault consequences, contact an experienced attorney. A sexual assault lawyer could help fight for an optimum outcome to your case. Call today to get started.