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    Trial Process for Connecticut Sexual Assault Cases

    One of the most stressful parts of a sexual assault accusation is the trial. Sexual assault convictions carry serious penalties, and in trial, someone’s freedom can be on the line.

    If you were accused of sexual assault, you should not face the judge and jury alone. A top defense attorney can be your guide through the trial process for Connecticut sexual assault cases. They could help you prepare your testimony and understand what to expect in court. Call today to discuss your case.

    Trial Process

    If a sexual assault case is placed on the trial list in the Connecticut Superior Court, the case would usually not be called into a trial for one to two years. While the case is pending on the trial list, a defense attorney could build a defense for the accused. They could look into witnesses, testimony, and evidence and work on the case in the interim. Once the case gets called into the trial, a jury would be selected. Once the jury is selected, the evidence would be heard in court and then a verdict could be rendered.

    Jury Selection in CT

    Connecticut has a specific jury selection process called voir dire. This means that the attorneys have the chance to individually interview each potential juror before selecting or striking that juror. They could ask them specific questions for information that is helpful to know prior to putting a person on the jury, such as whether or not they have ever been a victim of a sexual assault or a violent crime. If so, this juror could potentially not be a defense-friendly juror. The jury selection process allows for an attorney to get to know the jurors before they select or strike them. It is especially helpful when choosing a jury in a criminal case.

    Preparing for Trial

    A criminal defense attorney could prepare the defendant for their trial by making sure they fully understand what the allegations are against them and what evidence the state has to prove the allegations. The defense attorney would prepare the defendant for any questioning that they are going to receive at trial.

    Typically, the defendant would testify. If they decide to testify, the defense attorney would prepare for their testimony and for the cross-examination that they would receive from the prosecutor. The defense attorney would prepare the defendant for how they should be acting in front of the jury, how they should they dress, and everything that would happen at trial.

    The defense attorney would also go over any evidence they intend to introduce at trial and any potential questions that they are going to expect to answer in front of the jury and the judge.

    Contact a Connecticut Sex Crimes Attorney

    As the best CT lawyers know, the trial process for Connecticut sexual assault cases is intimidating for many defendants. Thankfully, a criminal defense attorney could help ease your concerns. They could help you understand exactly what to expect in court and prepare you to fight for an optimum outcome to your case. Reach out to an attorney today to get started.