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    Greenwich DUI Drug Arrests

    Drugs can severely impact one’s ability to operate a vehicle, which is why officers and prosecutors work hard to prosecute accordingly. Marijuana is one of the most common drugs involved in drug DUIs, as well as prescription drugs such as Xanax or Percocet.

    Greenwich DUI drug arrests can lead to serious penalties and long-term consequences for offenders. A conviction can lead to heavy fines, jail time, and a suspended license. If you were charged with a DUI, you should contact a top Greenwich DUI attorney to help defend you.

    Difference Between Alcohol and Drug DUIs

    The procedures and penalties are similar in both drug and alcohol DUI cases. However, some officers may see driving under the influence of drugs as a little more serious if the drugs are illegal.

    Police officers take Greenwich DUI drug arrests seriously, especially if they suspect there are also illegal drugs in the car. It can lead to a search of the car, and if illegal drugs are found, it could compound the problem for the individual.

    Drug DUI Traffic Stop Procedures

    When someone has been pulled over by the police, the officer will ask for the driver’s license and registration. While the driver is obtaining the documents, the officer may gaze into the car and try to see if there is any alcohol, illegal drugs, or weapons in plain sight. If the officer smells alcohol, marijuana, or notices any signs of drug use, then they may proceed to arrest the individual.

    What are the Difference Kinds of Field Sobriety Tests?

    There are several common field sobriety tests that can lead to Greenwich DUI drug arrests, which include:

    • Horizontal gaze nystagmus test – the police officer moves a pen back and forth and watches the eyes to check for jerkiness at certain points of the movement
    • Lack of convergence test – the police officer moves the pen in circles around the individual’s head and watches their eyes to see if they are tracking or if they converge in the middle
    • One leg stand test – the person stands on one leg, points their toe, and counts to 30 while the police officer observes them
    • Walk and turn test – the individual walks and turns on an imaginary line, and the police officer keeps track of how many times they stepped off the line or lost their balance
    • Romberg balance test – the person to closes their eyes, tilts their head back, and then counts to 30. The officer notes how fast or slow they get to 30 and if there are tremors in the legs

    Chemical Tests

    Officers can ask a person to take a urine test or a blood test to detect drugs. They typically do not test specifically for over-the-counter medications, but depending on the amount that the person has taken, legal drugs can show up as illegal drugs because they will break down to the same substance. It is important for you to know that it usually takes a few weeks to get the test results back.

    You can refuse to take the test, however, you could have your license suspended and face other consequences.

    Problems with Blood and Urine Testing

    Blood and urine tests are usually fairly accurate, however, the tests can show inaccurate results. Sometimes the results show false positives. There can also be incorrect results if the sample was contaminated or was not handled by the right lab procedures.

    Marijuana DUI Cases

    Marijuana below half an ounce is an infraction in Greenwich and throughout Connecticut. If marijuana is involved with a DUI then typical DUI penalties apply, but the possession of less than a half-ounce is an infraction and not a misdemeanor.

    The public attitude towards marijuana is slowly starting to soften as the younger generation gets older and adopts beliefs or positions in politics on the drug. Marijuana is on the track to become legal, at least for medical purposes, for a wide variety of people. Even though marijuana is slowly becoming more accepted for general use in the public eye, it is still illegal for you to use while driving.

    Contact a Top CT Criminal Defense Attorney

    The best lawyers understand how much of an impact Greenwich DUI drug arrests can have on someone’s life. If you were accused of a drug DUI, you should contact us as soon as possible. An experienced CT defense lawyer could help fight for an optimum outcome in your case.