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    Greenwich Prescription Drug DUI Lawyer

    Any crime associated with prescription drugs is treated incredibly seriously. It is imperative that an individual contact a Greenwich prescription drug DUI lawyer as soon as they learn of their charge, even if they think they can fight the charge on their own.

    From the moment the individual steps into the courtroom at their first hearing, a tone will be set for the remainder of the case. It is important that an individual has a DUI attorney present at the first meeting to begin the legal process with the best possible assistance.

    Obtaining the Charge

    To be charged with a prescription drug DUI, an individual must be operating a vehicle, be under the influence of a prescription drug, and be impaired by said drug.

    In order to prove the case, the prosecution must determine that the person was driving a car while they were under the influence of that prescription drug, and that it affected their ability to drive. This court process can often be intense, and should not be approached without the aid of a Greenwich prescription drug DUI lawyer.

    Potential Penalties

    The penalties for prescription drug charges are the same as for any other DUI. When a person is convicted of the charge, they will face a misdemeanor conviction and possible jail time. If it is a subsequent conviction, the person faces felony convictions and even more mandatory minimum jail time.

    An individual should make sure they enlist the assistance of an experienced Greenwich prescription drug DUI attorney to best assist in lessening any penalties associated with the charge.

    Drug Recognition Examiners

    drug recognition examiner is a police officer with very specialized training to recognize people who are under the influence of drugs. They are experts in the field, and it is their sole job to determine, based on their extensive training, when a particular individual is being affected by a prescription drug.

    Providing Medical Information

    It is incredibly important that a person provides their prescription and medical information to their Greenwich prescription drug DUI attorney when prescription drugs are involved. That demonstrates to the prosecutor and the judge that the person had a prescription for whatever they were taking, and that they took the medication according to instructions for that prescription.

    The DUI charge is not different when the individual in question did not have a prescription for the drugs. However, that person may be facing additional charges for illegal possession. To prepare the best defense, a Greenwich prescription drug DUI lawyer must collect and analyze the following:

    • Any prescriptions the person has
    • Insurance information
    • Events they remember from that night
    • What they were doing before the arrest
    • Everything the officer said to the person
    • Everything the person said to the officer
    • Whatever they can remember from the booking process and the testing process

    All of this information will be used by an attorney to assist an individual in minimizing or dismissing any potential penalties they are facing.