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    Greenwich Third Offense DUI Lawyer

    Greenwich authorities treat DUI/DWI as a serious offense. For repeat offenders, courts are less likely to be lenient, and a conviction could result in huge fines or even jail time. Thankfully, a Greenwich third-offense DUI lawyer is available to help. A top defense attorney could analyze the evidence against you and build a credible defense.

    Is a Third Offense DUI a Felony in Connecticut?

    Yes. In fact, it is an enhanced felony.

    Penalties for a Third DUI in Greenwich

    Being found guilty of a third DUI offense within ten years of two prior convictions can prove truly devastating to an individual’s future prospects over the long term.

    Conn. Gen. Stat. Ann. §14-227g provides that those convicted of a third DUI within a ten-year span are subject to sentences that include:

    • Incarceration lasting between 1-3 years
    • Fines ranging from $2,000 – $8,000
    • No less than 100 hours of community service requirements

    Will my license be suspended?

    Your license will be more than suspended. It will be revoked. While third-time DUI offenders may be able to petition for reinstatement of their license after observing six-year waiting period, success is not guaranteed, and this particular penalty ultimately may be deemed permanent.

    Can a Third DUI Conviction Ruin my Life?

    Possibly. A third DUI within ten years is a felony in Connecticut, and as such, the effects on those convicted are often lasting and severe. In addition to formal incarceration, court-ordered fines and periods of probationary supervision, those found guilty a third time are vulnerable to challenges that include:

    • Adverse employment decisions
    • Loss of security clearance
    • Revocation or suspension of professional licenses
    • Inflated insurance costs
    • Damage to social standing/personal reputation
    • Harm to immigration status/prospects

    Defense Strategies

    Individuals facing the dire specter of a third DUI conviction may be tempted to throw their hands up in defeat due to the odds they feel are stacked against them. However, it must be borne in mind that several useful defense strategies often emerge in cases of this type, including:

    • Those that call into question the accuracy of blood alcohol testing methods
    • Those that raise questions concerning the legality of the initial police stop
    • Those which cast doubts on whether proper evidence handling methods were used
    • Those which introduce evidence concerning the defendant’s medical status and place doubt on the accuracy of sobriety testing

    Should I Hire an Attorney for my Greenwich DWI Case?

    Without a doubt. A criminal record that includes multiple instances of DUI is something to be avoided at all costs, given the lasting implications for defendants and those they love.

    If you find yourself charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and have accrued two other prior convictions within the same decade, a Greenwich third-offense DUI lawyer is the ally you need.