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    What to Expect at the First Court Date for a Greenwich DUI

    Any Greenwich DUIs or DWI arrests will go to Stamford Superior Court which is located at 123 Hoyt Street in Stamford. All necessary information about the case will be on the paperwork the individual receives in a Greenwich Police Department.

    It is important for individuals to know what to expect at the first court date for Greenwich DUI. The first court meeting is held at Stamford Superior Court within 14 days of the arrest.

    An experienced DUI attorney can arrive at 9 a.m., on the day of the court date, to speak to the prosecutor in order to negotiate with the prosecutor on the person’s behalf. If they do not hire an attorney, then they need to go at 9 a.m. themselves and will have to speak to the prosecutor and then appear in front of the judge without an attorney.

    Wardrobe Recommendations

    It is recommended that people dress business casual or even business. They definitely do not want to look sloppy. They want to be clean-shaven, neat, and presentable because they will likely be going in front of a judge. The importance of a first impression is part of what to expect at the first court date for Greenwich DUI. The prosecutor will often look to see what the person looks like to see if they look like someone who is a productive member of society and someone who is taking the case seriously in the court.

    Impact of an Accident on Someone’s Case

    An accident resulting from the DUI offense makes a case makes it a lot more serious because now the defense attorney also has to address any potential injuries or others involved. The judge will be concerned about the other person’s out of pocket expenses, injuries, and opinion of the case. Once there is a proposed disposition, whether it is a plea or whether it is the alcohol-education program, the other person will have the ability to comment and give their opinion on the overall outcome of the case.

    If there is an application for the alcohol education program, the alleged victim can comment and say whether they support or object to the program. They can also address any out of pocket restitution that needs to be paid by the defendant. Individual’s should speak with a lawyer about what to expect at the first court date for Greenwich DUI and how to prepare for trial.

    Process of a First Court Appearance

    At the first court date, the prosecutor will likely take their first look at the case and the defense attorney will have the opportunity to get the police report, if they have not received it already. The judge will often advise the person not to have any new arrests and not to get in trouble again. Depending on the situation, the defense attorney can submit an application for the pretrial alcohol education program. That can be done the very first court date in order to help expedite the process on behalf of the person they may come to represent. However, submitting that application will depend on the facts of the case and the attorney’s strategy.

    Likelihood of Installing a Breathalyzer in a Car

    In most situations, the person’s license will be suspended, and they will have to install the ignition interlock device in their car. In most cases upon an arrest for a DUI or DWI in Greenwich, they are going to have to install that device.

    Benefit of Legal Representation

    Although drunk driving charges are common, someone’s case can get very complicated very quickly, especially when there is a criminal conviction on the line. It is relevant to hire someone who can inform you of what to expect at the first court date for Greenwich DUI’s. Someone may face license suspension, fines, possible incarceration and civil liability, it is a lot to handle. It is important to have someone experienced that can navigate through the whole process and ensure that someone’s rights are protected throughout the entirety of their case.