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    Greenwich DUI Treatment

    Most experienced drunk driving lawyers in Greenwich will recommend that the individual seek treatment if it is not ordered as a condition of release. Most can recommend a LADC that they have worked with before. Often, it is part of the defense strategy to make sure that the court will not be concerned about the individual and one of the ways to do that is to have them seek an upfront treatment.

    Alternative Incarceration Center

    The AIC is an organization that the Stamford Superior Court works with, where people can go for various types of counseling. A person might be ordered to go AIC in a DUI or DWI arrest in Greenwich if the court finds that the person is high risk, or especially if it is not their first DUI.

    What are Pros and Cons of using AIC?

    AIC is the court ordered program that the court works with. The court likes to see people using its recommended program. One pro to utilizing Greenwich DUI abuse counseling is that the court will be happy and the judge typically likes to see people using the Court’s program, which reports directly to them.

    The con to AIC is that the individual cannot control the schedule and if they travel a lot for business, especially because many people work in the city and do not get back in time for the classes, it can be a huge inconvenience because of the schedule. The pros of private counseling are that it is more flexible with the schedule and the person has a little bit better control over the flow of information that is getting to the court.

    Role of a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor

    A licensed alcohol and drug counselor, or LADC, is someone who is certified and can provide counseling, drug testing and alcohol testing to individuals. That person either could work for a place like AIC or in private practice. The court might order someone to see a LADC especially if the readings are particularly high or it is not their first DUI or DWI arrest. The court may order them to go see a LADC either through AIC or on a private basis.

    If it is not the first DUI or DWI arrest, the court is more likely to order someone to go see a LADC. If the court feels that someone is in need of treatment, they might order at least an evaluation to see whether any follow-up treatment is needed. Greenwich DUI abuse counseling can be beneficial. Therefore, it may be important to be aware of all options in one’s impaired driving case.

    Alcohol Education Programs

    The alcohol education program is a pre-trial diversionary program. It consists of either ten or 15 weekly classes and attending a Mothers Against Drunk Driving victim impact panel. The program is for a year, and if the person completes all of the requirements and they do not get into any more trouble after the year is over the DUI charge will be dismissed.

    When Should Someone Apply?

    If someone has never been convicted of DUI before and have not used the program within the last ten years, then they are likely eligible for the alcohol education program and can submit an application. If they are not sure if they are eligible, they should definitely contact an attorney for help. Someone would be ineligible if they are involved in an accident resulting in a death, but otherwise, if they are a true, first-time offender, then they are likely eligible for the alcohol education program and should submit an application with the help of an experienced lawyer.

    Assistance from a Lawyer

    An experienced defense attorney can always help determine, based on their previous record, whether they recommend Greenwich DUI abuse counseling in place of individual counseling. They can suggest a more intensive course of action, like inpatient or intensive outpatient care, or something weekly on an outpatient basis, all depending on the person’s history and the facts of the case.