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    Life After a DUI Arrest in Greenwich

    A DUI can have a serious impact on an individual’s life. That person may be required to use an ignition interlock device when operating their vehicle, and there may be a period of time when the person is only allowed to drive to certain places. A DUI arrest can have a big impact on someone’s life as well as on their employment.

    Life after a DUI arrest in Greenwich can be particularly difficult. If you have found yourself facing such a charge, it is imperative that you hire an experienced attorney immediately to help ensure a positive result.

    Handling of the Vehicle After an Arrest

    When an individual is alone following a DUI arrest in Greenwich, their car is removed from the scene, towed, and brought to a lot. If they are with someone else and that person is capable of driving, has a license, and is not under the influence in any way, they are allowed to drive the car. In some cases, a person is allowed to call someone they know to come and pick up their car.

    Cars are searched pursuant to arrest to see if there is evidence of any other crimes. If a law enforcement officer searched the car and found a bag of illegal substances, it is very likely that there is an additional charge reflecting that. This discovery can make someone’s case much harder to resolve because in addition to a DUI, there will be a charge of possession of the illegal substances. A person’s life after a DUI arrest in Greenwich can be heavily dependent on the discovery of any illegal substances in the vehicle.

    Informing an Employer

    Someone’s employer may find out about their DUI arrest if it is published in the local papers or on the Internet. Whether the person needs to tell their employer depends on the employer. Many employers will have a handbook that states whether the employee is required to inform the employer of any kind of arrest.

    Impact on Insurance

    A person’s insurance company may find out about their arrest for a DUI when they conduct their yearly check. A person does not necessarily need to tell the insurance company anything unless they are involved in an accident and it goes through the insurance. Otherwise, a person can expect their rates to possibly go up.

    Further, A DUI might have an impact on someone’s ability to get a license in another state, but that depends on the state. Also, a DUI will not prevent a person from returning home. However, the individual accused will need to be in the Stamford Courthouse for every court date no matter where they live.

    Role of an Attorney

    An attorney will need to know where the person accused of a DUI is employed to determine if that employer has an employee handbook. The person must provide their attorney with any information about what happened on the night of the arrest, all the details about what they were doing before being pulled over, any past substance abuse history, ties to the community, and whether they have a criminal record. This information can often determine the direction of an individual’s life after a DUI arrest in Greenwich.

    An experienced lawyer can help minimize the effects of a DUI arrest by walking the person through the legal process and keeping them apprised of the different twists and turns of the criminal justice system and DMV issues that come up.