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    Stamford “Sugar Daddy” Extortion Lawyer

    While providing “intimate companionship” to someone else who is paying you for your company is not strictly illegal under the Connecticut Penal Code, threatening to cause any form of harm to that person unless they continue to pay you or pay you more than they already are is a serious felony offense that can result in years of prison time, even for a first-time offender. If you are facing allegations along these lines and want to effectively protect your best interests, speaking with a Stamford “sugar daddy” Extortion lawyer should be your top priority. Call now to begin working with a dedicated sex crimes attorney.

    What Qualifies as Criminal Extortion?

    Subsection (5) of Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) § 53a-119 defines “Extortion” in the context of criminal Larceny as someone compelling another person to give them money or something else of value by threatening to harm them or someone close to them in some way if they do not provide the demanded property. While any form of harm “which would not benefit the actor” can play into an allegation of Extortion, the text of the aforementioned statute lists all the following as specific examples of “harm” in this context:

    • Property damage;
    • Any criminal conduct;
    • Abuse of authority as a public servant;
    • Physical injury to the person who is supposed to pay and/or a third party;
    • Accusations—whether false or true—of criminal conduct, or any other action resulting in the targeted person facing criminal prosecution;
    • Exposure of private information or other allegations—again, whether false or true—intended to engender hatred, ridicule, or contempt of the targeted person;
    • Causing a strike or other labor action impacting the targeted person’s business, with exceptions made for lawful labor practices; and/or
    • Testimony or refusal to testify in court which would impede a legal case involving the targeted person.

    Importantly, someone who is acting as a “sugar baby” for a “sugar daddy” and decides they no longer want to stay in a relationship together unless that “sugar daddy” pays them more money has not engaged in criminal Extortion. Since being a “sugar baby” is not against the law in Connecticut, or at the very least is not explicitly prohibited by the Connecticut Penal Code, refusing to provide companionship unless a specific price point is met does not qualify as “harm” to a degree which should warrant criminal charges. However, emphasizing this fact in court can be much easier with assistance from a seasoned Stamford “sugar daddy” Extortion attorney.

    Possible Consequences of a “Sugar Daddy Extortion” Charge

    As per C.G.S. § 53a-122, any scheme constituting Larceny by Extortion is a Class B felony in Connecticut, no matter who it allegedly targets or how much money is allegedly involved. This means even someone with no prior criminal record could face a minimum one-year prison term up to a maximum 20-year term as well as a maximum of $15,000 in fines if they are convicted of this offense.

    Additionally, anyone who causes harm to someone else through an Extortion scheme may be subject to civil liability for that harm, in which case any civil claim against them would proceed separately from their criminal case and may continue even if they are acquitted of criminal wrongdoing. Guidance from a dependable “sugar daddy” Extortion lawyer is key to preparing proactively and effectively for both types of legal action.

    Let a Stamford “Sugar Daddy” Extortion Attorney Help

    Allegedly extorting someone who was or is still acting as your “sugar daddy” can lead to serious repercussions not only in criminal court, but potentially in civil court as well. In both respects, though, representation from a skilled Stamford “sugar daddy” Extortion lawyer is vital to ensuring your rights are respected and achieving the best possible resolution in your unique case.

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