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    Darien Roommate Violence Lawyer

    Were you accused of violence against a household member? A top Darien roommate violence lawyer could provide advice and help you mount a powerful defense.

    Is Roommate Violence Considered Domestic Violence?

    People renting a house or apartment together may not think of themselves as a “household”, but in the eyes of the law, they are considered household members. That means an incident of actual or threatened violence between roommates or housemates may be treated as a crime of domestic violence.

    The statutory definition of domestic or family violence in Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) §46b-38a does not limit these offenses to actions among people who are related by blood.

    Darien roommate violence lawyers know that family violence situations are those which occur between household or family members. These can include spouses, parents, children, other relatives, and people “presently residing together or who have resided together.”

    What Crimes can be Considered Family Violence?

    Many different types of crimes involving violent conduct, or the threat of violence may be treated as family violence crimes when they occur between family or household members, including roommates.

    Family violence crimes can vary tremendously in severity. Some common family violence crimes like disorderly conduct are misdemeanors, and some like strangulation in the second degree are felonies. These all carry different penalties that can affect your life for years to come.

    Will Courts Issue a Protective Order in Roommate Violence Situations?

    If criminal charges have been filed, a court likely issued a criminal protective order. The terms may require someone to leave the premises and avoid all contact or might simply restrict certain types of communication. Additionally, individuals who believe they may be in danger of harm from others may ask a court to issue a civil protection order or restraining order.

    Regardless of the type of protective order in question, any violation is a separate felony offense. A Darien roommate violence lawyer could help explain what is and is not allowed under the terms of a protective order. To learn more about the various types of protective orders, click here.

    Work with an Experienced Darien Roommate Violence Attorney

    If you are facing accusations of violence involving someone you currently or formerly lived with, a lawyer with experience handling domestic violence cases could help with compliance with protective orders, collect evidence to build a strong defense, and advocate on your behalf to work toward a positive outcome in the case. For a consultation to learn more about your options for defense, call Mark Sherman Law.