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    Darien Domestic Violence Investigations

    Law enforcement officers and court authorities in Connecticut often treat domestic violence allegations extremely seriously, especially if they suspect that the person they are investigating may pose a further threat to their household. A seasoned defense attorney’s support can make a world of difference in how quickly you can get through a Darien domestic violence investigation and your odds of securing a favorable result.

    Criminal Investigations into Alleged Domestic Violence

    Domestic violence charges typically arise in one of two ways in Connecticut. They are either (1) based on a police officer’s interpretation of events upon responding to an alleged disturbance, or (2) on an investigation carried out by law enforcement over the course of weeks or months. While the second option is not as common, it is not unheard of and often leads to the State having much more evidence on their side. This makes the task of contesting the allegations uniquely challenging.

    When domestic violence investigations occur in Darien, they typically center around allegations of felony-level domestic violence. This is because misdemeanor-level offenses are typically not seen as severe enough to warrant dedicating the same degree of effort towards investigating. Depending on the circumstances, these investigations may involve multiple rounds of interviews with the allegedly involved parties, testimony from character witnesses, and sometimes physical evidence, like photos of injuries.

    Do Domestic Violence Accusations Always Lead to DCF Investigations?

    When someone is accused of committing domestic violence either directly towards or in the presence of their child, it is likely that the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (“DCF”) will open an investigation into the individual. It is worth emphasizing, though, that any action taken by DCF exists completely separate from any related criminal proceedings. Someone who is acquitted of criminal charges for domestic violence may still face sanctions from DCF based on what they discover in their investigation.

    DCF investigations following domestic violence allegations in Darien can last for up to 45 days and may involve multiple rounds of interviews, surprise home visits and inspections, and consultations with psychological and behavioral experts. When there is little to no evidence that any child in the home is likely to experience further harm from the person being investigated, the DCF can conclude their investigation without further action.

    Conversely, if the DCF finds that its suspicions of child abuse or neglect are “substantiated” by available evidence, it may order numerous sanctions against the defendant. These can include losing custody rights and, in extreme circumstances, removing impacted children from the home. A skilled attorney can help navigate a DCF investigation tactfully and with an eye toward mitigating potential long-term consequences.

    Call Our Attorneys for Help Handling Darien Domestic Violence Investigations

    Being investigated by any state agency or law enforcement body based on a domestic violence accusation can be an intimidating and stressful process for anyone to go through. Effective legal representation is always vital to dealing proactively with Darien domestic violence investigations, whether you have a record of prior domestic violence convictions or have never been in any legal trouble before.

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