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    Building a Defense for Darien Domestic Violence Charges

    It is essential for anyone charged with domestic violence to contact legal representations because the stakes are high. There is usually a protective order in place that can stop a person from going home to their family or speaking to their family.

    It is most important for a person to make sure they do not have a family violence case permanently on their record. By hiring a skilled domestic violence attorney and building a defense for Darien domestic violence charges, individuals can work to potentially get their case dismissed and leave no charges on their criminal record.

    What Are The Consequences of a Conviction?

    The immediate consequence of a domestic violence conviction may include a protective order put in place, where a person may not be able to speak to the protected party or even return to their own home, if the protected party shares the home. If a person travels out of the country with a protective order in place, the person can be detained when coming back in the country and questioned about the protective order to make sure they are not traveling with the protected party against the protected party’s will. Another immediate consequence is that a person may be required to receive therapy or take court ordered classes that conflict with a person’s work or personal schedule.

    A protective order can be for up to two years and during the duration of the protective order, a person may not be able to return to their home if the protected party resides there. They must find a new place to live for the duration of their domestic violence case.

    When there is a domestic violence crime on a person’s record, they can be disqualified from getting certain jobs. Usually, when employers run background checks, the domestic violence conviction can appear and preclude a person from getting a job and from being able to travel freely, necessitating the urgency of building a defense for Darien domestic violence charges.

    Defense Strategies

    To resolve their domestic violence case, a person can be proactive with receiving counseling or getting some type of evaluation. Usually, anger management counseling is helpful in these cases. They may attend couple’s counseling if the situation is between a married couple or people who live together. If alcohol is involved, the person can go to AA meetings to show the court they take the charge seriously and will do anything necessary to make sure nothing like this happens again.

    One common defense in a domestic violence case in Darien is that the defendant was not the aggressor. For example, if a defendant were trying to de-escalate a situation by leaving the home or by going to sleep, it looks favorable on the defendant. That is a good defense for a domestic violence. A parent trying to protect a child is considered self-defense.

    What Evidence is Necessary in a Domestic Violence Case?

    Evidence of counseling and treatment letters are helpful for the court when building a defense for domestic violence charges in Darien. If the alleged victim claims they were seriously injured, it is useful to preserve medical records and things of that nature to prove the injuries are as severe as the person claims. Other evidence might be eyewitness testimony or if anyone else was home at the time of the alleged domestic violence incident and can testify that the defendant was not the aggressor in this scenario. The testimony can be helpful to show that the alleged victim was the one who was the actual aggressor.

    Talk to an Attorney About Building a Defense for Darien Domestic Violence Charges

    Our attorneys have experience dealing with the prosecutors in the Connecticut Superior Court. Another benefit that our team has is that they know what the state attorneys look for in a family violence case. Contact us to learn more about building a defense for Darien domestic violence charges.