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    Interfering with 911 Call in Darien

    If you are charged with the offense of interfering with an emergency call, a conviction could leave you facing a steep fine, jail time, and potentially additional consequences. Contact a skilled domestic violence attorney to help with your interfering with a 911 call in Darien case.

    How Does State Law Define Obstruction of an Emergency Call?

    The offense of interfering with an emergency call in Darien is defined by Connecticut General Statutes §53a-183b as any intentional and conscious act that hinders someone from completing a telephone or radio call for police protection or to report another criminal offense. The obstruction may be physical or verbal in nature, and it may entail forcing the call to end prematurely, trying to talk over the person calling or the responding operator, or preventing the call from occurring in the first place. For example, taking someone’s phone and hanging up on 911, or interjecting that it was an accident and 911 doesn’t need to respond can lead to an arrest.

    What are the Consequences?

    If someone in Darien is convicted of interfering with a 911 call, they may face criminal penalties of a class A misdemeanor. Under C.G.S. §53a-36 and 53a-42, anyone convicted of a class A misdemeanor offense may be punished with up to a year in jail and a maximum fine of $2,000.

    Additionally, if someone prevents a family or household member from contacting the police, their offense may be classified as domestic violence. Depending on the circumstances, domestic violence charges may result in the imposition of protective orders, DCF investigations, and various restrictions on where a defendant can go and who they can contact—all before they even have their day in criminal court.

    Can I Contest 911 Call Interference Charges?

    Just because someone is arrested for interfering with a 911 call in Darien does not guarantee that they will be convicted of that offense in criminal court, even if it is categorized as domestic violence. It is not uncommon for these charges to stem from misunderstandings or from coincidental circumstances, like a 911 call being cut off accidentally or due to the caller’s own decision.

    If a defendant wants to prove that no criminal offense occurred, it is usually crucial for them to file a motion to preserve the digital recording of the 911 call in question as soon as possible. While these recordings are made for every 911 call that goes through, they are also routinely erased after 30 to 60 days. A lawyer who has defended against this charge before can work quickly to preserve this recording and to gather other helpful evidence to defend you in court.

    Learn More About Charges for Interfering with a Darien 911 Call

    Taking prompt action to defend yourself is essential when facing accusations of interfering with a 911 call in Darien. A tenacious defense attorney can help. Read our hundreds of certified 5-star reviews at to learn why. To schedule your initial consultation, call Mark Sherman Law today.