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    Darien Domestic Violence Arrest Lawyer


    Because domestic violence arrests can be so problematic, it is wise to seek advice from a Darien domestic violence arrest lawyer if you are facing domestic violence charges. A top criminal defense lawyer can fight to help you reduce the adverse consequences and walk away with a positive result.

    What Should I Know About Court Appearances After an Arrest?

    You may be summoned to appear in court numerous times after a domestic violence arrest. Missing a court appearance is itself a serious offense known as Failure to Appear, so it is wise to take all available steps to attend court on time and prepared.

    Your first court appearance is known as the arraignment. It is here that the judge will determine bail, and decide whether and to what extent to issue orders of protection. Having an attorney at this initial step can be crucial to getting an early start on an effective defense.

    Will the Court Assign Protective Orders?

    The court may hold a hearing regarding terms of a protective order. A domestic violence arrest lawyer in Darien could seek the most favorable terms possible to reduce the burden posed by a protective order. An attorney can also help ensure that the terms are fully understood to avoid unintentional violations.

    Will Family Relations Officers Be Involved?

    If you were arrested for domestic violence in Darien, you will also probably meet with a family relations officer when they come to court. The officer is a court employee engaged to assess the situation and the risk posed by the person accused of violent conduct. Information shared during the meeting with the officer will not be held in confidence, so it is wise to take care when deciding how much to discuss with the family relations officer.

    The time the person accused meets with the family relations officer will most likely be during the arraignment date. The Family Relations Office may decide to accept a referral and use the Family Violence Education Program. Satisfactory completion of the program can earn a positive resolution to the case similar to a dismissal.

    What Offenses Can Lead to a Domestic Violence Arrest?

    Domestic violence is not a specific crime in Darien. In fact, the statutes do not even use the term domestic violence, but instead refer to family violence. Despite the modern term, family violence involves not only family members but also people currently or formerly living together, who had a child together, or who have dated.

    Many crimes involving violence or the potential for violence will be treated as domestic violence if they occur between people in a household or family relationship. The penalties for these offenses vary depending on the type of crime charged. For instance, stalking in the second degree, which is frequently charged in domestic violence arrests in Darien, is a Class A misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $2,000. Violation of a protective order, by contrast, is a Class C or D felony.

    Work with an Experienced Darien Domestic Violence Arrest Attorney

    Working with an experienced Darien domestic violence arrest lawyer can help ensure that you are aware of all your options and know the steps necessary to take advantage of the best available approach. For a confidential consultation to learn more about your defense options, call Mark Sherman Law today.