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    Greenwich Assault Case Process

    After an assault arrest, a person will get taken to the police department for processing and an amount of bail would be set. That is the amount of money that somebody needs to post in order to secure their release.

    If the person was released because they posted the amount of bond required or there was no bond set, they would be assigned a court date that will be anywhere from four to ten days later. If, however, it was an assault of a domestic partner or somebody that has a familial relationship with the defendant, it will change the process slightly and an assault attorney should be contacted to prepare an effective defense and prepare the individual for what they should expect.

    Booking Process

    Following an arrest for domestic assault, an individual will be taken to the police station or the police department. They will then be given a bond. If the individual was able to post their bond, there may be an additional condition of release or number of conditions of release that are set that prohibit the person from going home or from speaking to a family member.

    The court date that will be given to a person arrested for an assault, when they have a familial relationship with the individual, would be the next possible court date. This occurs whether or not they were able to post bond. The individual will be expected to go to court the next day or the next business day available and the additional condition of release would continue to stay in place.

    In other words, the court would be ordering a protective order to some degree, which limits the type of contact that the person would be able to have with their family member by virtue of committing the assault.

    The case will then be put on a domestic violence docket.

    Investigative Procedures

    The police officers always conduct the investigation during the Greenwich assault case process. The investigation will involve speaking to the participants involved in the crime, getting court orders for medical records that may show the severity of the injuries that were caused, and pulling any available video and audio tapes that would show the events that occurred.

    Law enforcement will do this by taking as many witness statements from people that observed the assault.

    Contacting an Attorney

    As soon as an individual is arrested or believe they are going to be arrested, they can contact an attorney anytime after the event occurs. An individual should always understand what their rights are during the Greenwich assault case process.

    Even if it is before an individual is contacted by the police, they should be sure to enlist proper legal representation.