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    What to Expect Following a Greenwich Assault Arrest

    If you are facing assault charges, you should not wait to call a top criminal defense attorney. A skilled CT lawyer could help you understand what to expect following a Greenwich assault arrest so that you do not make your situation worse. As the best attorneys know, it is crucial to refrain from all contact with the alleged harmed individual, stay out of further legal trouble, and avoid creating a concern to law enforcement. An experienced lawyer could provide sound advice so that your case proceeds smoothly.

    Procedures After Arrest

    After an assault arrest, a person would get taken down to the police department for processing, and an amount of bail would be set. Bail is the amount of money that somebody needs to post in order to secure their release. If the person was released they posted the amount of bond required or there was no bond set, they would be assigned a court date that will be anywhere from four to ten days later.

    Unique Aspects of Domestic Violence Cases

    If the alleged assault was on a domestic partner or somebody that has a familial relationship with the defendant, it will change the process slightly. The person will still be taken down to the police station, they will be processed, and they will be given a bond. If they were to post the bond, however, there may be additional conditions of release that prohibit them from going home, from speaking to the family member or having any other form of contact with their family members.

    The other difference is that in a domestic violence assault, the defendant would be given the next possible court date on the domestic violence docket. Whether or not they were able to post bond, they will be expected to go to court the next day or the next business day available. The additional condition of release would continue to stay in place. In other words, the court would be ordering a protective order to some degree, which limits the type of contact that the person would be able to have with their family member.

    How an Attorney Could Help

    Calling an attorney is important to make sure that the accused individual does not make things worse. The situation that resulted in the assault charges is all in the past. The defendant cannot make it better at that point, they can only make it worse. Calling an attorney will help a person understand what their rights are and what they should or should not be doing in terms of interacting with law enforcement. An attorney could make their case go more smoothly so the situation does not get any worse.

    An attorney could also help an individual avoid getting involved in anything that could lead to another arrest or any other trouble. It is important to make sure that the case is isolated to this one event instead of being a product of more circumstances that may complicate the situation.

    Call to Learn About What to Expect Following an Assault Arrest in Greenwich

    If you were arrested for assault or believe you will be arrested, you should contact an attorney immediately. An experienced lawyer could help you understand what your rights are and what to expect following a Greenwich assault arrest. Before you have any further interactions with law enforcement, reach out to a qualified criminal defense lawyer for advice.