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    Defending Assault Charges in Greenwich

    Assault charges can be intimidating. An accused person might not know how the court process works or what legal options are available to them. Individuals might also be concerned about the penalties that they could potentially face. That is why it is important to work with a knowledgeable assault attorney. A skilled lawyer could be an invaluable asset when defending assault charges in Greenwich. If someone has been charged with an assault offense, they should seek the services an experienced legal advocate that could stand up for them.

    How Law Enforcement Treats Assault Offenses

    Facing assault charges in Greenwich can be difficult, especially without strong legal counsel. Law enforcement takes assault very seriously and they will generally prosecute it every time that it is brought to their attention. In family violence scenarios, they must make an arrest as long they have probable cause that an assault has occurred.

    Often, police do not need much time to investigate the assault before they make an arrest, as long as they can find witnesses who can confirm that the accused inflicted injury on the accuser. If law enforcement needs additional evidence, they may continue their investigation after making an arrest.

    Prosecution of Assault Cases

    The most common assault charges are typically related to domestic violence cases or other cases of assault that involve family members. Otherwise, the most common assault situations arise when people are inebriated, drunk, or under the influence of some kind of drug or alcohol, out at the bar or a social event. Tempers flare and an assault ensues.

    During the prosecution of assault offenses, the prosecution is trying to prove the defendant committed an act that was intended to hurt another person and did, in fact, hurt the other person. Evidence that the defense attorney might use to contest the prosecution’s claims includes:

    • Photos
    • Videos
    • Audio recordings
    • Witness statements
    • Medical documents and other evidence

    An assault attorney could access and utilize the aforementioned evidence when defending a client against charges in Greenwich.

    Potential Defenses and Mitigating Factors

    Self-defense is one of the most common arguments a Greenwich attorney may use when defending assault charges. This defense posits that the person charged with an assault only committed the assault because they believed that they were in danger of being hurt themselves.

    Other strategies a defense team can leverage are that the accused did not intend to cause harm or that the actual physical injury that occurred was not as serious as it was initially believed to be.

    The Process of Building a Defense

    By making sure that all the appropriate evidence is gathered and sourcing all the video evidence that may be available to preserve, a Greenwich attorney can begin building a defense against assault charges. In addition, witness statements are taken and any medical evidence is given to an appropriate professional to be analyzed to see what the degree of harm actually was.

    Another component is gathering positive information about the person so that it can possibly be used to mitigate the sentence. Getting them into appropriate services and counseling is also helpful, particularly in family assault cases or domestic violence cases. Judges and prosecutors in the Family Relations Department will be looking for participation in counseling services to confirm the person is ready to reintegrate with their family at an appropriate time.

    Discuss Defending Assault Charges With a Greenwich Attorney Now

    Because assault cases can be very serious, they have levels of punishment that vary from imprisonment or probation, to harsh fines and money that needs to be paid to the person that was hurt. However, there are numerous opportunities to significantly mitigate the circumstances or to have the charges completely dismissed. This is especially true if the person is eligible for a diversionary program or if it is a bonafide self-defense case or misunderstanding.

    A dedicated criminal defense lawyer with experience defending assault charges in Greenwich could devote the time and resources necessary to protect an individual’s rights and advocate for them. To learn more, contact our firm today.